Bring It On! Let’s do the Prancercise


This dance fitness exercise has never been this fun, so bring it on ! Let’s do the Prancercise.

This latest low-impact five-minute dance exercise program may look awkward and funny but it’s getting viral hits in the cyberspace.  Prancercise is a unique exercise program that mimics the movements of the horse.  It’s like a rhythmic, prancing horse-like dance.

Watch it yourself on You Tube.  It’s sensational  with  already six figure hits and still counting.  Joanna  Rohrback, the Guru of the said dance exercise is so popular that she is now booked on the “Today Show” , CNBC Jane Wells reported.  Who knows, a series of T.V guestings, interviews might be in the offing.

Joanna Rohrback, from Coral Springs, Florida, came up with this Prancercise idea back in 1989.  But way back then, people never paid attention to it.  Who would ever do this “horsy-horsy”  thing back then in the 80’s?  They would rather do the Jane Fonda 20 minute workout than galloping to this  rhythmic dance.

Not until she had finished and published the book last December, “Prancercise;  The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence” and uploaded the exercise video on You Tube that it spread like wildfire in the internet.

Even up to now there are several negative reactions to this dance fitness exercise.  It may be acceptable to some but for others it may look odd.  Others say it’s ridiculous and unconventional.  In fact, Joanna’s website keeps on crashing because of overwhelming reviews, comments and some notoriety.  Bashers on the social network is on the loose.  But who cares, “ Let them laugh.. who would pay any attention to a boring, average, everyday video?  I am so glad I have my confidence…If they’re having fun… Hey I’m happy”  said the thin woman Joanna coiffed  with big hair and dressed in a manner as if she is going to a tea party.

Just how do we dance this  Prancercise craze?

As interviewd by NY Daily News, “ it begins with a modest shuffle, incorporating some graceful upper body movement.  Step up the pace with some Prancercise trot and followed by Prancercise dance.  Finish the routine by putting the ankle weights on your wrists and punching it out – in  your face.”


Whatever form of dance fitness exercise is still  a great form of aerobic exercise and can  help lower  your risk of heart disease, decrease blood flow and for weight management purposes.  This exercise can improve muscle strength, coordination and balance.  Other benefits includes, boosting of your brainpower, improve your outlook and  increase your social circle.


But for how long can this sensational dance fitness exercise lasts?  Will it stay for long?  Or is it just a passing fancy?  Will it become a worldwide phenomenon?   Consider these dance fitness exercises which   are still popular around the world.

  •  Zumba – best for burning calories.  You can burn 250 calories in 30 minutes
  • Pole Dancing –  best for strength. It gives you strength in the upper body and arm and an ace in toning your lower body.
  • Swing – best for boosting your mood.  It triggers a rush of the mood elevating hormones.

  Whatever form it is, the object is to keep


Back to Rohrback.  After 24 years of pushing this advocacy, her struggle finally paid off.  The story of Prancercise is not just about elation but of struggle as well, as told to the Cultist.    It’s a beautiful story of hope for those who wants to aspire and push to the limits the cause that they are fighting for.


Well for the meantime, enjoy the moment.  Move over “Gangnam Style”, unleashed Prancercise, Bring It On !


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