Britney Spears Reveals She Wants Baby Again

Britney Baby

With the internet abuzz with all those rumours that Beyonce might just be expecting, it appears that Britney feels left out…of the spotlight so she reveals today that she wants a baby; again, because two is never enough.

The publicity conscious pop star has revealed that she is ready for more little ones. She already has two boys, Sean aged 7 and Jayden aged 6, who are still with Britney, unlike their father, ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Spears was being interviewed by Extra host Mario Lopez and the 31 year-old Britney talked about her favourite snacks, (she likes salty and sweet) her upcoming Las Vegas show and how she would love a baby girl.

Lopez responded, who has a little girl with his pregnant wife Courtney Mazza,enthusiastically, “I have a girl. I’m very jealous ’cause you have boys.”

“Awww! I want a girl,” said Spears.

“Oh, you do want a girl! So later on, maybe a little girl?” Lopez prompted.

Britney said,”Yes.”

Spears went on to explain that the boys were keeping her busy. She said that Sean and Jayden like attention and she feels they might just have a future in show business. She said, “We’re taking baby steps right now as far as agencies and stuff go, but they’re little comedians, so we’ll see.”

Britney did admit that she’s not sure if any more babies are in her immediate future, but, she is getting on a more serious level with current boyfriend David Lucado. There has been a lot of speculation lately about what appears to be a gold ring on her left hand that looks suspiciously like an engagement ring.

But babies and engagement theories aside, Britney has been super busy getting that old 31 year-old body back into shape for her Vegas show which will be kicking off later this year. Right now, Britney is doing about 90 minutes of yoga twice a week and combining that with hour long cardiovascular exercise sessions three times a week.

Britney will need all that body toning exercise if she means to wear tight and or revealing outfits for the show and be able to leap and prance about while she performs. Of course, being a profession Britney knows this. The show is being hyped as a huge spectacular event that she’ll need to be in “top condition and running at full speed'” for.

Britney went on to tell Lopez that, “Yes, I am excited. I love Vegas any time I get to go there, so I’m pumped. I haven’t done a show in a really long time, so it’ll be fun.”

In an interview that she gave to the health magazine Shape, she said, “The performance, won’t be simple … they’ll be a massive party from start to finish. And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed.”

So despite Ms Spears announcement that she’s ready to “do it again” in the baby stakes; it might just be a bit premature because as she’s only too aware, it’s hard to bounce back after having a baby and she doesn’t need any extra weight while she’s doing her Vegas gig.

By Michael Smith


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