Cannes winner: “Blue is the warmest colour” & golden Lesbians (video)

Controversial and pornographic.

Cannes lesbian winners

This afternoon the Jury of the Cannes film festival have spoken. The jury was led by none other then Steven Spielberg. However, Audrey Tautou had the honour of actually revealing this years winner and to give them the golden palm leaf: “Blue is the warmest colour” directed by Abdellatif Kechiche. (Born in Tunis and with French roots.)

But is it really only about lesbian sex? Was all this media buzz deserved and is it worth the watch?

Lea Seydoux plays the girl with the blue hair, therefore the title is all about her, the love interest of the leading lady Adele. However, Lea actually drew all the attention to herself during the festival because of her earlier excellent performance opposite Tahir Rahim in Un Certain Regard entry Grand Central. She delivers even more in the “Blue is the warmest colour” movie. The story is all embracing, legendary, and above all, extremely sexy. However, her partner in crime, or love in this movie, is newbie Adele Exarchopoulos. Her acting doesn’t get swept under the rug by Lea. For sure Adele will become a Cannes regular in the coming years.

The movie is based on the graphic novel by Julie Maroh, titled ” Blue,” and it is the early life story of a high school student, Adele,  who needs to come to terms with her sexual preferences, wants and needs. A fling with Thomas, a classmate, leaves her unsatisfied and wondering about what is missing. Then she comes into contact with Emma (Lea), and everything changes. Now she knows what she always wanted: a woman.

The good thing about this movie is that the performances by the leading actors are mind blushingly sensual and emotionally charged. There are almost no possible faults to find. The sex scenes are very explicit and might not be appealing to all. However, most people will find it an enjoyable watch. The scenes are not just there for shock value, they have deeper psychological layers and are integral to the story. In addition, this epic love story isn’t limited to lesbians or people who struggle to find their sexual preferences. It’s a much broader and more relatable story than most will think from first glance.

The less desirable aspects of this movie are: the length of the movie: it’s three hours long. Which granted is filled with a lot of sex but after a while, even that seems to become redundant. It might have been a good idea to cut this movie a bit and later release the full version exclusively on DVD. For now, expect to sit there for 180 minutes.

One other thing that becomes quite annoying is the movie’s obsession with the color “blue.” I won’t divulge too much, but for sure, after you’ve seen this movie, you will know what I mean.

Fun fact: Director Kechiche had to bring four different editors to the project in order to bring his vision to life in the way he had imagined.

by Georgina Pijttersen


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