Class Warfare Intensifies

Month by month there is an obvious, escalating war between the rich and the working class. The two combatants have names, they’re Called Republicans and Democrats.  If you think I’m wrong, let’s take a look at a few trends.

Reading this, you won’t believe that I am an Independent, and damn proud of it, but I truly am.  I have no respect for either party, in fact I do not believe in politics, it is the ruination of all good things.  But, because the United States is not a true democracy, we have to rely on those we elect to represent us.

The day after a Republican is elected, he takes an oath, but it’s not the oath of office, it’s an oath to represent big business to the best of his or her ability.

The most egregious situation at present is a law proposed by Republicans to allow employers to give compensatory time to their employees instead of overtime pay.  This is no more than an effort to allow business to be more profitable at the expense of the working class.

The overtime standard was put in place, when the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1937 was enacted.  The law exempts Administrative, Executive, and Professional categories, who may receive additional compensation in a form agreed to by them and upper management.

I have worked under both arrangements.  When I worked in categories where the overtime rules applied, my wages were often below the standard of living I required to support my family in a respectable manner.  Overtime was welcomed with open arms.  No one likes to work more than 40 hours a week, but the working class will do whatever it needs to care for their families.  During one 13 month period, I did not have a day off.

When I changed careers, I eventually rose to a management position, fully aware that I would never work a 40 hour week.  My duties required 50 and sometimes 60 hours a week, for which I was compensated with additional vacations time ‘at the company’s discretion’.

That last phrase is important.  You see, that time never comes.  “We need every available employee during that time”, or “ we’ve already given others that time off”, were the common reasons why I never was able to use my extra time off.

The same thing would happen to employees who are now eligible for overtime pay.

Here is another perfect example of class warfare.  The NRA just finished what they called a convention.  The Senate recently failed to pass a law requiring more extensive background checks, primarily at gun shows, and internet sales.  The NRA lobby tells the public that they wouldn’t do any good, and that liberals are trying to take away their guns in violation of the second amendment.

Here’s the truth.  The NRA owns the Republican Party.  And they have nothing to do with second amendment rights or gun ownership in any manner.  They don’t care, they cannot even be called American, although they are some of the biggest flag wavers in the country.  The NRA is promoting more billions of dollars for gun manufacturers and gun sellers.  It’s about the money.  They have no interest in public safety.  They cleverly ignore the statistics of how many women and children are killed by guns every day, while spouting fallacious slogans invoking fear through emotion.

How about the Keystone XL pipeline?  Republicans tell the public that it will create jobs, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.  There is not one iota of truth in those claims.

The only jobs that will be created are for those who actually build the pipeline, and they will be temporary.  This heavier crude which comes from Canadian tar sands poses a much greater environmental danger than “sweet crude”, and will go directly to existing gulf coast refineries.  The oil companies are not planning to build new ones, which would actually create some good paying jobs.  In addition, it will have nothing to do with United States oil reserves.  The majority of the crude will eventually be sold to other nations.

The only profiteers will be the oil companies, three of which were listed on the Forbes 500 today as numbers 2, 3, and 4 in profitability.  And to whom do the oil companies give their campaign contributions?  You guessed it, the Republican Party.

I could list items over and over again, such as companies that make their money selling material to the defense department, or the real reason why Republicans are against any form of universal health care, but this would turn into a book.

I have to take a little time to explain why the working class is losing this war.  It’s because the only one they have to represent them is the Democratic Party.  They are wimps.  They are afraid to fight.  They’re all what I call “playground cowards”.  They’ll attempt to talk their way out of anything, but protecting themselves first, before defending anyone else.  They’ll back off any issue they believe might lose them a single vote in an election.

Therefore, as we all know from our daily lives, and was verified by the 2010 Census, the working class is losing, and losing badly.

Our Supreme Commander has joined with his fellow soldiers and appears to be offering a white flag to the other army.  He has capitulated on virtually every campaign promise.

The time is very near when 90% of the American public will be serving under a Republican dictatorship.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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