Desiree Hartstock is Back on The Bachelorette

Desiree is back on The Bachelorette
Desiree Hartstock is back on the ninth season of The Bachelorette. Folks will remember her from The Bachelor when the 27 year-old couldn’t win over bachelor Sean Lowe.

But on this show, she hasn’t got to win over anyone, it’s the fella’s who will be vying for her heart from a group of 25 hopefuls. The show premiered tonight on ABC ET. The Northglenn, Colorado girl was a huge favourite with audiences when she appeared on season 17 of The Bachelor and held on to make it to the final four before getting eliminated after Sean’s ill-fated meeting with Desiree’s folks.

It was during that visit that her brother came over all aggressive and accused Lowe of messing his sister about and of not really caring for her the same way that she cared for him. Sean denied the allegations, but despite Desiree apologising for her brother’s odios ways, She got shown the door and had to leave the show.

Ms Hartstock and The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison talked to the ABC News correspondant Amy Robach on the Good Morning America show this morning. Robach asked Desiree about her first meeting with the 25 hopefuls and how she felt having so many potential suitors trying to make a good impression on her.

Desiree said, “You know I was surprised every step of the way when someone new came out, I didn’t know what was going to happen, to be honest, and they really impressed me.” She then told how one of the suitors showed up with his four year-old son. She then said, “I was actually blown away that he even brought his son, so it really melted my heart to see the little boy give me a flower.”

The 27 year-old star of the show then went on to describe her experiences on the previous show, The Bachelor and she said that participating in the franchise was emotionally draining. Robach then asked Desiree why, if it was so draining did she want to repeat the experience.

Ms Hartstock replied, “You know, I wanted to do it again because although it was emotionally draining, those were real feelings and the relationships did form.” She went on to tell Robach that her feelings for Love were gone and that she had moved on.

Robach then asked Desiree if she had actually found love on the show and neither she nor the show’s host Chris Harrison would answer the question. Harrison said in response to the question, “I will say this, I think top to bottom it’s the best season we’ve ever had, it really is, for good and bad, it’s a roller coaster ride, unfortunately.”

Desiree also took part in a conference call later in the day with reporters who asked her a lot of questions about the show, like how she could remain so fit after all those “romantic” dinners she ate. She explained that she ate a fairly healthy diet and that she had worked out with a personal trainer prior to the show’s filming.

So Desiree Hartstock is back on The Bachelorette and just like on The Bachelor, she’s looking for love, but, she’s the one who is being pursued and not the other way around. It must make a refreshing change.

By Michael Smith


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