Edward Furlong Arrested In Hollywood

Edward Furlong has been arrested in West Hollywood for breaking a restraining order that was the main reason that he got his first bit of jail time.

A Los Angeles sheriff’s spokesman said that the Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong had been arrested on suspicion of violating a restraining order filed by his ex-girlfriend.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore also said that deputies responding to the scene on Thursday in West Hollywood found Furlong hiding in a nearby property. Allegedly, he was hiding under a stairwell when deputies finally got him.

It appears that he was released on Saturday a little after the lunch hour after someone posted his $100,000 bail and he was collected by his ex-girlfriend Monica Keena, the same ex-girlfriend who had requested the protective restraining order be issued.

When Furlong was 15 years-old he made a big splash as young John Conner in the second of the Terminator films, Terminator 2: Judgement Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Robert Patrick in 1991. The young actor won two awards for his performance in the film.

Since the film, Furlong’s personal life has been full of problems, namely drugs, alcohol, and abusive relationships with the women in his life. These same problems affected his professional life as well.

Beginning in 1992 when he entered into a relationship with his 29 year-old tutor Jacqueline Doman. In a situation that would repeat itself when he broke up with Doman she sued him for “assault and for 15 percent of his earnings.

In 2006 Furlong married Rachel Bella and the two had a son, Ethan Page Furlong who was born on September 21st the same year. A short three years later, Bella sued for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and Bella claimed in the same year that Furlong was in “lockdown” after getting violent with her.

In 2010, Bella filed for and received a restraining order from a court, against Furlong. Claiming that he had threatened to kill himself; refused to submit to a drugs test and that he’d told her that he had hit their son’s testicles. Furlong was ordered by the court to attend counseling sessions. Bella alleged that he drove past their house on several occasions in a threatening way and they he’d told her he had hired people to beat her with a baseball bat and metal chains.

In 2011, Furlong told a judge he was “completely broke”, and could not afford to make his child support payments. He was then ordered to pay Bella the over $15,000 in backdated child support that he owed her.

Furlong has admitted to being “on and off” hard drugs and that he has little control over his actions. He was charged with violating his probation from a 2010 sentence in which he ignored another restraining order.

The actor was also charged in January for alleged battery of an ex-girlfriend.

According to the sheriff’s department the latest protective order was imposed after Furlong was arrested following a domestic disturbance at the same address in January. He was then charged with felony domestic violence and domestic battery.

By Michael Smith


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