Extreme Weight Loss twin contestants David and Rebecca Nielsen go through Hell tonight


Extreme Weight Loss (8 p.m. ET, ABC ) opens with a two-hour episode tonight with twin contestants going through Hell — the Kokoro training camp Navy SEALS have to participate in during Hell Week, that is.

Host Chris Powell is a “transformational specialist” and the author of the best-seller, Choose to Lose: Lose More for Life.

Chris has his job cut out for him when he agrees to help out twin contestants David and Rebecca Nielsen, on their 23rd. birthday.  The twins are natives of Kalamazoo, Michigan, though they currently live in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Nielsens are one of two Kalamazoo natives who will be featured on the third season of the show. Alyssa Stommen is the other one, but she will appear on a later episode.

David weighed 470 pounds and his sister, Rebecca, tipped the scale at 398. They didn’t think much about their weight when they were growing up, and enabled each other in their eating habits.

Their upbringing left a lot to be desired, also. Their father was domineering, and the twins began using food as an emotional crutch.

David eventually got so depressed, at one point, that he considered suicide. In his depression over his weight, he began drinking heavily and taking pills.

When Chris Powell asks them to loss 200 pounds between the two of them, the twins are both worried that it’s a difficult goal to achieve, but they are also excited about the chance to work together as a team.

However, that is not in the cards. Chris Powell tells them that they will, at first, be separated. He will work with David in Texas, while his wife, Heidi, will work with Rebecca in Arizona.

Rebecca and David find themselves alone, vulnerable, apart for 90 days. The twins both wonder if they will be able to handle being away from the support they feel they provide each other.

David’s father has a surprise for him when his son comes home: he has outfitted a room of their family house with all-new exercise equipment. David and his father reconcile, and his father even asks David to show him how to use the exercise equipment. He becomes a part of David’s support system.

Rebecca works with Heidi, a nutritionist and personal trainer, and a whole team of other professionals. Every pound of excess weight, according to Chris, puts 4 pounds of pressure on your knee joints.

At the 90-day mark, David has lost an amazing 112 pounds while Rebecca has lost 92. Their next goal is 57 pounds of Rebecca and 75 for David.

At the beginning of the second stage of the twins’ year-long weight loss program, Powell brings David and Rebecca to Los Angeles to begin their transformation. First, they had to go to a loading dock, where their initial weigh-in was done on a freight scale.

What follows is a full night boot camp with a Navy SEAL team, followed by grueling workouts.

David said he’d always wanted to go through Navy SEAL training to show his dad that “he was a man.”

Chris takes the twins on his toughest milestone challenge to a rigorous “Kokoro” training camp designed to forge mental toughness.  The camp is modeled on Navy SEAL Hell Week.

Kokoro Camp is designed for an individual to discover what is deep inside of them – to help individuals discover the power of their mind over their body, and their non-quitting spirit over their mind.  The program is skillfully executed by a cadre of former SEALs who are SEALFIT certified coaches who understand human psychology better than most psychologists – especially as it pertains to the highs and lows of self discovery.

The twins’ weight loss journey, and their final weight loss totals, will be revealed during the show’s season premiere 8 p.m. ET Tuesday on ABC. Will the twins meet their final goal? Tune in to see!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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