Gambler Henry Gribbohm Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana

Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana
Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana

By Dawn Cranfield

Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana

A gambling carnival-goer, Henry Gribbohm, has spent his entire life savings winning a giant stuffed banana sporting a Rastafarian style hat and dreadlocks.

Gribbohm, 30, played the game Tubs of Fun at a Manchester, New Hampshire, carnival hoping to win an Xbox Kinect.  While the Xbox is only valued at approximately $100, Gribbohm claims he spent $2600 trying to win the game.

According to Gribbohm, the loss amounted to his entire life’s savings, “You just get caught up in the whole ‘I’ve got to win my money back.’ You’re expecting the kids to win a few things, let the kids have a good time.  It just didn’t turn out that way.”  (newsfeed.time)

Gribbohm lost most of his money after he played a few games of double or nothing; initially only playing $300, he went home to get his savings losing what he originally had with him.  He purportedly went double or nothing trying to recoup his losses, however, he continually lost more.

The gambling Gribbohm went back the next day to register a complaint with the carnival believing that the game was fixed, “It’s not possible that it wasn’t rigged.” (newsfeed.time)

Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana
Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana

The carnival worker running the game gave Gribbohm back $600 and the giant stuffed banana as a token.  However, Gribbohm was not satisfied and he filed a report with the Manchester Police Department, claiming fraud.

Police are currently investigating the incident; however, Fiesta Shows, the owners of the New Hampshire based carnival have been scrutinizing the event as well.  While they are interested in finding the underlying cause of what occurred, they claim Gribbohm spent far less than the $2600 he claims to have spent.

Regardless of how much he spent, should they really be responsible for how much he spent on a carnival game?  At some point in life, you must ask yourself, rigged or not, “Is it truly a good idea for me to take my life’s savings (be it $2600 or $2.6 million) and spend it trying to win a prize worth a percentage of that savings?”

Personal accountability is sorely lacking from our culture and the fact that this is being investigated and the police did not say, “Hmmm… perhaps you should have put on your big boy pants that day, son,” is simply stunning to me.

Many people agree, the comments on the original story range from:

“Who’s the moron that spent the money willingly?? he knew what he was doing, it’s the part lowest of being on the food chain and he was the goldfish food flake….”  michael.feliciano62

The way the softball in the bucket scam works is when they show you how easy it is they leave a ball or 2 in the basket, and it dampers the ball thrown in. When they have you do it they hand you all of the balls and your balls will bounce right out.”  tapersmith


Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana
Gambler Loses Life Savings on Giant Banana

“it will take him 30 more years to save up $2600 again … but he’ll manage to blow it somehow”  SlowSlowFast

Only in America.  Only in America.

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