George Bush Airport Shooting in Houston Kills One Man



A man entering terminal B at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport was killed by gunshot wound on Thursday.  He was killed in the pre-screening area.

CNN affiliate KHOU reported the man walked into the terminal with a military-style, semiautomatic rifle and fired two shots into the ceiling.

Police said he fired one or more bullets into the ceiling, when a Homeland Security agent who was working in a nearby office came running towards the shots.  He approached the man and told him to ‘drop his weapon’.  The man then apparently attempted to shoot himself, just as the agent fired his weapon.  An autopsy will determine which weapon discharged the lethal bullet.

The airport was immediately put on lockdown, and all flights were delayed for about two hours.

Dale Howard, of Tomball, was in the baggage area and said he heard two shots and then three more.  “People were screaming. I knew exactly what it was, gunfire,” Howard said.

Greg Newburn was sitting in a restaurant, and said he heard the same sequence, 2 shots and a few seconds later 3 more.

“It seemed like quite a few shots. Everyone was scrambling, running left and running right, turning tables up and hiding behind tables. Nobody knew what was happening. I couldn’t tell where the shots were coming from,” he said.

The station interviewed a woman who works at a McDonald’s in the terminal.

“As soon as he walked in, he just automatically started shooting quickly,” said the employee, who said her name is Kendra. “And we hear two shots and we just automatically started running. We ran all the way to the back.”

Terminal B is being labeled as a crime scene, and will be closed until the HPD completes its investigation.

James Turnage

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