IRS Official To Plead The Fifth

IRS Official To Plead The Fifth

The IRS official under fire, within the division that overseas non-profit reviews, will not be making any statements in the near future: she has decided to plead the fifth. Lois Lerner, leading the exempt division of the agency, is accused of “false or misleading” information after she failed to notify Congress of faulty screening procedures taking place at the Cincinnati location.

Lerner became aware in June 2011 of screenings that included labeling some organizations as “Patriots” and “Tea Party”. Lerner was said to have handled the situation using her own discretion. What the republican Congress wants to know is–why didn’t she inform them of the incident?

In the interest of not sounding too cynical (ok I can’t resist): Are we to speculate from this information that the entire IRS organization got top down orders to isolate and intimidate conservative groups (from top down is meant all the way up to Obama)? Or is it okay to assume that a few low-level federal employees acted inappropriately on their own behalf (because anyone who’s visited a federal agency is aware, employees there, are never out-of-order)?

Intimidation is a tactic used to induce the powerful–to make changes–or, to induce the weak to stay in their place.

However, the republican’s are neither: they are in a weird transitional period where not even their own party members know whether to go right or left. They seem utterly unconvinced that both the 2008 and 2012 elections were a fluke.

One thing is for sure, they must feel the cold breeze coming around that started with their own dealings during the Bush administration: corruption beyond belief, from President Bush all the way down the pipeline. We still remember the election of 2000.

The real intimidation tactics are directed at the Obama administration so that maybe he might become impeachable–the desperation has no limits for these right wingers. Lerner did not plead the 5th because she was guilty: she invoked her rights to do so because she knew she was headed towards a good old fashioned southern political hanging. Any word uttered out of her mouth–even if concurred by a heavenly host in the heavens–would have constituted wrongdoing in some way.

What’s even more embarrassing for them is that we already know Lerner is not the culprit they want; they want to connect her somehow to Obama’s administration and create this Nixonian era of corruption to go along with Obama’s legacy. The differences between Obama and Nixon are great, but to start, Nixon did not enter his first term under fire like this current President: it takes a conservative energy to rile up a political environment like that.

Written By: Cedric Hines