Jennifer Aniston Pole Dancing in New Movie See the New Trailer Here

It seems like Jennifer Aniston is feeling a bit left out in the showing of skin theme that is present amongst her peers in the world of cinema and she’s going to make up for lost time by stripping and pole dancing in her new movie, We’re the Millers.

In a photograph from the film, Jennifer shows that toned abs and a great sag-free figure is not just for the youngsters in the business. Besides looking absolutely fabulous, she proves that a lot of hard work down at the gym can put her in direct competition with the likes of that other Jennifer; as in Lawrence.

No doubt about it, the gal looks hot enough that she could “catch fire” like her younger namesake. We will hold up our hands and admit that our Jennifer isn’t a stranger to parading around in her birthday suit.

She was naked in a nude scene in the 2006 movie “The Breakup,” with Vince Vaughn and in 2008 she posed nude for the cover of GQ magazine, clad in just a loose tie.

But lets face it sports fans, or Jennifer fans, that was “back in the day.” She was younger; her body was younger and the possibility of that gravity pulling thing that happens to us all hadn’t arrived yet.

To show just how confident Jennifer is with her svelte and toned look, she also shows some skin in the new trailer for the movie. In the video Aniston, who plays a stripper turned drug heist operative , wows us by showing off her toned body in just a bra and underwear. Which, if you are interested can be seen in the trailer below.

I will understand completely if you pass these next few paragraphs and head on down for a look right…

But admiration aside for a moment, lets talk about that movie.

Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper who agrees to pretend to be a suburban “soccer” mom to help Jason Sudeikis smuggle marijuana into the U.S. from Mexico Sudeikis agrees to help out rich guy Ed Helms and he then kits himself up with a fake family and drives an RV across the Mexican border to go and pick up the pot. The idea seems to be that a happy family has a better chance to cross the border without raising any unwelcome suspicion from the Border Guards. So Sudeikis also enlists a sullen runaway (Emma Roberts) and a geeky neighbor boy (Will Poulter) to pretend to be his kids.

Of course, it doesn’t quite work out, if it did, there wouldn’t be a movie, would there. Later in the film, this not-so happy “fake” family is confronted by armed drug dealers. Jennifer then strips down to her peach bra and knicker set and does some sexy moves to Mickey Avalon’s Stroke Me to prove that she really is a stripper and not a soccer mom.

It looks pretty obvious that she’s been practicing that pole dancing a lot. We can’t help but wonder where she trained as it might be worth stopping by; just to check out if she’s kept it up.

By Michael Smith


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