Jennifer Lawrence fire scare in Cannes

(What really happened and how it ended)

On may 18, Jennifer Lawrence thought that she really was an actress and not part of the hunger games in real life. Unfortunately for her while she was at the party to celebrate her new movie, aptly titled: Hunger games: catching fire, she almost caught on fire herself!

The culprit was a plate of embellished candles that had been positioned on a lofty pillar, the candles decided to leave their place on the pillar and hit Jennifer Lawrence in the head. Luckily she was swift enough and nobody got hurt. (Apart from the candles that is.) She did have quite a scare and she promised never to stand next to a pillar with candles on top again.

These are the reports we usually hear and see on the news about swanky, glitzy, widely known Cannes. The film festival usually competes against the ones in Venice and in Berlin. The reason why Cannes is better known is probably due to marketing and a lot of hype. Cannes always reports on people fainting because movies have been too explicit. A lot of the movies were very explicit. For example a very real, very vivid, very disturbing rape scene with Monica Belluccii  lasted for a very long time. There was another upsetting film that was supposed to make Franco, the Spanish dictator at the time, look good but ended up making him look very bad. So the director was banned from his own country. Also Michael Moore winning the” palme d’or” for a documentary about 9/11, ” Just after 9/11″. In that documentary he points fingers at the American government. This didn’t go over well in America but the Cannes jury loved it.

And then there is bad boy Trier. Lars Von Trier; the director*, thought it would be appropriate to show a women cutting of her genitals on screen. (2009, Antichrist) Again many people attending the festival had to get some air out of a can in order to remain standing and not to faint. (Keep in mind that a lot of people with money usually aren’t that young so maybe they already had the air on hand.) Also Lars is Danish, this fact alone is shocking. Normally these type of movies emerge from different European countries not so much from nice, neutral Denmark.

In 2011 Lars thought it would be a good idea to reminisce about the man who killed a lot of Europeans. (Including some French) in the 1940’s. Von Trier said he “understood Hitler.” He continued with: “ He’s not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him, and I sympathize with him a little bit.” After that the festival decided to put him on a blacklist. However it might have been possible that the organizers of this particular movie shindig actually were very pleased with Lars. Because even though he’s not French he does bring the craziness and some much needed scandal that Venice and Berlin have to do without.

So far Cannes 2013 is quite tame and should be spiced up a bit. Let’s bring out Von Trier, some Uma Thurman Basic Instinct action (Cannes 2011, she reenacted the scene during the opening ceremony.) and Jennifer Lawrence could be bumping into more stuff. (Please keep a fire extinguisher at hand.)

Georgina Pijttersen

* Lars Von Trier has actually made some very nice movies as well. Albeit they are usually very slow, the stories itself and the way of filming is quite extraordinary. For example Dogville with Nicole Kidman and Melancholia with Kirsten Dunst. He even managed to get Björk to act in “Dancer in the dark.”

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