Jennifer Lawrence Heats Up Cannes

With weather more suited to Waterworld than the the second of the three Hunger Games films, Catching Fire, Jennifer Lawrence was heating up Cannes with the help of two of her costars from the film; Liam Hemsworth, and Sam Claflin, as well as the franchise’s new director Francis Lawrence.

While the deluge of rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the arrival of the films party, the torrential rain did actually drive everyone, including Ms Lawrence, under cover.

Catching Fire is not showcasing at the festival, but like many other movies that are not, the film makers are hoping that the overwhelming spectacle that is the Cannes Film Festival will provide a suitable platform to publicise the film’s up coming premiere November 22 this year.

Digital flame billboards flickered non-stop next to the Majestic Barriere hotel where Lionsgate held their Capitol City party. Jennifer, Liam and Claflin posed for the festival photographers on Saturday. That evening, Lionsgate also put on a lavish “do” beside the beach on the Croisette, resplendent with flowing liquid chocolate and beautiful models dressed in the film’s spectacular costumes.

LionsGate-Summit Pictures, the studios who also produced the Twilight franchise, took over a beach club on the Croisette and completely redecorated it. They also supplied the costumes that the models wore to “wow” the celebrants who attended the beachside party. The Hunger Game models all had multi-colored cotton candy hair and streaks across their faces.

According to Roger Friedman on his Showbiz411 column, the invitations to the party were “in a fancy white box with a padded interior and a Capitol logo embossed on the front. Open the box, the size of a hardcover book, and you find a silver rose pin with an invitation card that reads: ‘Capitol, in association with Lions Gate. President Snow requires your attendance to celebrate the 75th annual Hunger Games.'”

Apparently, to get in, you wore the pin on your lapel.

Oscar winning Lawrence, who happens to be the world’s most adored “down-to-earth” actress at the moment took the time to have a few words with Mr Friedman about what she would be doing after the Hunger Game: Catching Fire publicity party was finished and what she’s been up to since the Oscars ceremony.

According to Jennifer she has been, “Filming the ABSCAM movie, American Hustle, with David O. Russell in Boston.” She went on to say “And I have to get back to Toronto tomorrow to finish the new X Men movie. I have a two month break and then I go back to the third one of the Hunger Games.”

If you just cannot bear to wait until November 22 to see Ms Lawrence reprise her role as Hunger Games’ “co-winner” Katness Everdeen and you’ve watched the first film in the series so often that you’ve memorised the actors lines, you can always catch the delightful actress in Silver Linings Playbook. She shows a flair for comedy that helps make the film truly memorable, of course Bradley Cooper isn’t bad either.

But if you’ve seen that and you still want your Jennifer Lawrence fix, check her out on Google’s YouTube. There are many videos of her “funny moments” that you can watch to indulge your craving and realise, again, how special this actress is.

By Michael Smith


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