Jennifer Lopez Bare Bottomed Performance on British Television Sparks Outrage

Jennifer Lopez bare bottom
Diva Jennifer Lopez’s bare bottomed performance on British television has prompted a storm of complaints to the ITV network who airs the Britain’s Got Talent competition after she did her song in an outfit that revealed far too much of the singer before the watershed.

The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail newspaper reported that Lopez age 44 and mother of two has angered many viewers of this normally “family friendly” program. A spokesperson from Ofcom, Britain’s version of the Parents Television Council, confirmed that the watchdog organization “received complaints” about Lopez’s outfit, and raunchy dance.

J-Lo gyrated all over the stage in feather sleeved leather leotard outfit and thigh high black boots. The crotch of the outfit was so high, it appeared as though the singer was almost naked from the waist down. Her performance which was an exclusive debut of her new song Live It Up, featured flashing lights, fire, and smoke which partially obscured the performers but which left Lopez’s bare bottom in plain view.

And it was’t just Ofcom that heard about viewer complaints, Twitter was alive with tweets from disgruntled fans of the show. One viewer tweeted, “Could Jennifer Lopez’s outfit be any more inappropriate for a family show??? What sort of role model are you being for the young girls watching?'”

Another Twitter of the Britain’s Got Talent show tweeted,”Only thing missing was the pole.Cover up your cheeks please!”

Even judge Simon Cowell was surprised at the provocative nature of Jennifer Lopez’s bare bottomed performance on the show. In her thigh-high boot and skintight body suit she was pretty well covered from the waist up, but British television viewers were given a “wide-open” shot of the singers nether regions that were just barely covered up.

It was almost like Lopez had forgotten the lower half of her costume and was performing in her thong.

While Simon Cowell didn’t complain, scores of viewers found her over-the-top performance and her lack of costume very inappropriate for a “family-friendly” program.

The television watchdog Ofcom, which is similar to the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in that it regulates media, confirmed that it was looking into the matter. Ofcom spoke to E! News and said that it had, “received complaints, which we are currently assessing but not investigating at the moment.”

An Ofcom spokesman said, “If we consider the potential that the broadcasting code wasn’t abided by, there is potential we would investigate. But it’s too early to speculate.”

Jennifer Lopez didn’t seem to realise that she and her dancers had created such a storm from their performance. She posted on Twitter via her Instagram account a photo of her in the controversial outfit being held up by her dancers after her number had finished.

Her Instagram was posted with the comment, “Thanks @GotTalent for a great night #liveitup.”

With the amount of complaints that her nearly bare bottomed performance generated after her “pre-watershed” exposure on national British television, it appears that Ofcom and ITV will be pretty busy in the areas of investigation, by Ofcom, and explanation, by ITV. Either way, it appears that this is one Jennifer Lopez appearance that will be long remembered.

By Michael Smith


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