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Young and reckless

justin bieber reckless

Justin Bieber thinks he is hot stuff. Back in March he realised that he should change his image to that of a bad boy. Now is that quite hard to achieve because Justin still looks nothing like a bad boy rocker. Even if he thinks he’s trouble he is mostly being annoying. What has he done this time?

His gated community lawns have fallen victim to him speeding next to them in his Ferrari going 100 mph. It sounds fun and the Biebs is probably having a jolly good time however it is brazenly dangerous and could actually harm one of his Calabasas neighbors. Therefore the neighbors couldn’t do anything else but to call the cops, there was at least one child playing outside and in danger of seeing the Ferrari from very up close and personal. The cops went over to the bad boy, who was inside his house but so far it has been reported that Mister Bieber refused to talk with them.

In the past Justin had the following to say about living the dream: “I’m telling you, people. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Never say never.” Unless these people are cops and they are at your house to question you about your driving behaviour. Then it might be a good idea to listen to those people and make you stop doing this. Otherwise somebody in his gated community won’t be so blessed.

Has his stay in the gated community always been tranquil before today?

Not really. In March of this year the singer allegedly had an altercation with one of his neighbours. What did set hot head Bieber of to start becoming physical with this man? The neighbor just complained that Just showed disruptive behavior. (Way to go Justin, you really showed him!) The man added about Bieber’s driving skills: “unbelievably recklessly.”

A rebuttal from the Bieber side was as follows: The man came onto Justin’s property and started ranting and raving. He yelled about their being too many parties that were too loud. Salient detail: Justin wasn’t even there when those parties took place he had been on tour. If he would like to continue living there it would be wise to inform his buddies that other people might want to enjoy their homes as well.

In relation to his driving recklessly: aren’t there other places where it’s much more fun to drive your Ferrari? Is it really worth it to risk the life of innocent dogs and playing children? Aren’t they worth to consider because thay can’t attend his concerts or should everybody just make way for the grand Mister Bieber?

It seems like Justin should get a reality check, cars are not toys and people could get seriously injured. What do you think about this? Should Bieber get a lesson in common courtesy and what if something goes wrong? Or do you think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion and we all should just get a grip?

By Georgina Pijttersen

Source NYpost quote


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