Justin Bieber Lawsuit

you will be sued if you talk

That’s what will happen if you go to one of Justin Bieber’s lively and fun filled parties. (Or that’s what I’ve heard, that the parties are lively and funfilled because believe me I have never been to one of his parties and if I had I would have to pay a hefty fine and Justin would have his lawsuit. Because if you dare to tweet about the shindig it will set you back 5 million, if you have the guts to blog about it will be five plus a lot of zero’s, if you have fun and decide to snap a Instagram pic and think it’s a good idea to share it with your peeps it will be another five million that you have to fork over.)

If you are luckily enough to get invited to the Bieberlicious house you are not allowed to enter the premises without signing his Liability Waiver. Don’t be scared to sign it, even though it indicates that Mister Bieber won’t get into any trouble if you sustain injurious because it might get hazardous during the festivities or even in case of your death. Sounds like something you would be interested in?

At the other hand does the Bieber have a point? Because; How would you like it if you threw an awesome party with crazy things going on and suddenly your mom would be calling you and telling you: that you have to stop hanging from your ankles from the ceiling and smoking that suspicious looking apple…because your private parts are hanging out for the world to see. Oops! Or if you are wearing your cute sunglasses the next day because you have such a huge hangover and you remember all the fun stories…until you enter some random gas station and everybody is snickering and whispering in each others ears. Turns out your private bits have a cute Instagram filter and are featured on the worse gossip rag out there.

“I’m crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently. ” Justin Bieber

Of course JB is not the only celebrity who comes up with these crazy terms. Let’s wait until he finds a new Girl friend, gets married or divorced and has a Belieber baby. What fun terms will Justin and his lawyers come up with then? And if he really wants to push the envelope and feel like a big star he should tell everybody not to look in his eyes. Remember the situation, not the Jersey shore one, but the one where Tom Cruise was filming the Last Samurai in New Zealand? The producers of that movie had a special clause included n the contract of the local employees. The clause stated that it was forbidden to look Tom in the eye. A source mentioned: ” The producers are paranoid and security is really tight but not making eye contact with Tom Cruise is unbelievable.”

Let’s hope that when people talk about Justin they will say it’s unbelieber-able but that this is because he totally rocked the performance and not that it’s about another celebrity’s outrageous security clause.

By:  Georgina Pijttersen

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