Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez at Billboard Award Table

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together

Some days it just doesn’t pay to be a tweenie rock star. First Justin Bieber gets Selena Gomez telling the world that they are not together any longer, then his monkey is taken away by the Germans and now, some wise acre at the Billboards Awards ceremony has gone and put Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the same awards table.

But on the bright side, at least Taylor Swift will be there as well. But that bright side really is more for Selena than Justin.

We’re pretty sure that Selena isn’t doing cartwheels about the idea of getting stuck with Justin at the awards ceremony either. She probably thinks he slipped a few hundred bucks to someone to get them seated together. It’s more likely that the officials of the award ceremony made the seating charts out when they were still an item.

Of course an “insider” maintains that this “seething” arrangement was done on purpose by the two young artists managers. It seems that since they are constantly, ‘on-again, off-again’ they figure a little help might be needed to try and steer the two back together. Selena and Justin have buried the hatchet several times since their break-up way back in January. The same insider says, “it’s no accident” that they’ll be seatmates at Sunday’s high-profile awards show.

The insider also said, “Their camps must have requested this seating arrangement,” and then added, “No way would it have happened without their go-ahead.”

Bieber was spotted rehearsing for the big show on Friday. One onlooker said, “There was no sign of Selena, but he was in great spirits.”

After kissing backstage in Norway, the volatile couple were photographed cuddling in an Instagram photo posted by Bieber in late April. But then during a May 10 radio interview, Gomez told the DJ that she was “available.”

Selena will be introducing her best gal pal Taylor Swift at her performance at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards and Selena may just want Taylor there for moral support or just to talk to when she doesn’t want to face Justin. But Taylor’s third wheel act aside, the two young “lovebirds” can always ask to be reseated according to one source.

But seriously? That would not only look worse, it would be embarrassing for the both of them. No one wants to be in that postion at that age and they want even less to be seen avoiding the situation. Backing down is very embarrassing, especially if you are a tween idol.

It could all work out though. The three young professionals are just that, despite young Bieber’s more impetuous moments. It could be just what he needs right now, two beautiful shoulders to cry on, especially now he’s lost his best mate in the world.

I’m not talking about Selena here at all. I’m talking about poor little Mally. The capuchin monkey put in German prison and kept, all because Justin didn’t have the right paperwork and happened to be in another country when the authorities told him it was time to pay up.

And believe me, there’s nothing worse than a lad being separated from his monkey.

By Michael Smith


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