Karina Smirnoff: Injury Made Me Nervous

Karina Smirnoff Nervous

Karina Smirnoff admitted that her injury just the day before Monday night’s show of Dancing With the Stars made her nervous.

Smirnoff is one of the professional dancers on the show, whose job is to not only make the “star” look good, but to help them learn the routines and to build up their confidence.

Unfortunately for the professional dancers, working with the “amateur” stars, leaves them wide open for injury. Choreographer and dancer Mark Ballas who also works on the show said, “It’s like a sport. When you get hurt, you either power through or you have to stop and rest and obviously we don’t have time to stop.”

But say what you want about the program’s professional dancers but they are just that; professionals. Karina performed even though the injuries that she’d received the day before required her to be hospitalised for treatment to her neck and jaw. Injuries she got while practicing a lift with partner Jacoby Jones.

It turns out, though, that Karina wasn’t the only pro suffering for her art on Monday’s show as Mark Ballas was injured as well. Mark Ballas was dancing on a recently broken toe, it appears that misery really does love company.

Karina also revealed that Jacoby Jones refused to do the injurious lift again.

Smirnoff said that the psychological trauma of the injury has an impact. She said, “It makes you a lot more nervous and your footing is not as solid. You start to question what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong. When you’re doing a lift like that, you can’t hesitate, you just got to go for it.”

But because Jacoby refused to entertain the idea of doing the lift again, it wasn’t used in the show on Monday. Karina said, “I wanted to do it…but the man in charge here said, ‘Absolutely not.”’ Jacoby agreed saying, “We weren’t doing that move. No way possible.”

Karina has said that she is feeling much better and she was obviously on form despite her pain on the night as she and partner Jones both pulled in a perfect score.

Mark Ballas revealed that Karina’s fellow competitor “was there” for her when she was injured and recalled, “It was awful. At first, she thought her jaw was dislocated, so poor Karina, she was just sitting there.” He added, “It was gnarly.”

But broken toes and injured necks and jaws aside, Mark revealed that Karina has lots of company from fellow suffers on the show. Mark revealed that hes is dealing with yet another injury from the show as well. He said, “I’m dealing with the most horrendous back injury right now. It’s horrendous.” He added that, “It happened to me a few weeks ago and they gave me some stuff to get through it. It got better for a week.”

Dancing With the Stars is no stranger to injure as former participants have suffered a continual collection of bumps, bruises, sprains and strains. Not least of which was Dorothy Hamill who injured her back so badly she had to pull out of the competition.

By Michael Smith


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