Kim Kardashian and Amanda Byrnes Have a Go at Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian and Amanda Byrnes have a go at paparazzi
While both Kim Kardashian and Amanda Byrnes both have television in common, the other thing they now share is that they’ve both gotten upset enough to have a go at the paparazzi, albeit for different reasons.

Kim and her fella Kanye West aren’t really great fans of the photographers who shadow their every move and as Kanye isn’t exactly a shy retiring flower, he tends to let his mouth and anger get the better of him.

He was not best pleased when the paparazzi managed to get on film the battle between his head and a street sign pole. A battle that even Kanye had to admit that he lost. Of course it probably would not have happened if he and Kim had not been in such a hurry to give the photographers the slip.

Of course now that Kim is so close to having her baby, we’re sure that the paparazzi are dying for the chance to catch Kim suffering labour pains. Because of this they are getting very brave in their new aggression in case they miss something.

Ms Kardashian posted last week that an over-enthusiastic “papper” almost caused her and her unborn baby in danger while trying to take some pictures “on-the-move” She wrote on her post, “A paparazzi almost crashed into my car today! I am still shaking,” she wrote. “He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop?!”

This weekend, Kim blew her top finally when a paparazzi yanked open her car door and shoved his camera inside the vehicle. Somewhat understandably the reality television star lost her cool. She yelled at the transgressors, “Shut the f****** door, you idiots!”

But Kim Kardashian and Kanye have always had a love-hate relationship with the “paps” and Amanda Byrnes is constantly “caught-out” by them, so for them both to have a go at the paparazzi in the same week is pretty special.

In a week that must seem never ending for Amanda Bynes, she had to beg a paparazzi to stop touching her as he kept trying to pull her hair scarf off of her head. While she wasn’t yelling or screaming at the intruder, she did still have a go, just by definition.

Interestingly, she had only just tweeted that her wig was a mess and the “pap” obviously wanted to see if she was exaggerating.

Both Kim and Amanda have had busy weeks. Kim doing her last minute shopping in Paris and getting things ready for her June baby shower, not to mention trying to talk Kanye into making an appearance at the shower, which seems unlikely given that it will be filmed and put on the KUWTK show. Kanye has made it pretty clear that he will not be appearing in the show.

Amanda, on the other hand has had a busy week as well. Not shopping or traveling around Paris, Amanda couldn’t even travel from New York to southern California, but she could get arrested and (according to her) get sexually harassed by a New York policeman who (again according to her) touched her in that special place.

So both “ladies” are feeling pressure of a different sort this week and obviously if they can snap under that pressure and do it in front of the cameras, all the better.

But photographers beware, if you have Kim Kardashian yelling at you and Amanda Byrnes begging you, someone else may have a go at the next paparazzi they come in contact with. Someone big, male, and more aggressive than you.

By Michael Smith


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