Kim Kardashian and Her Flighty Dress

Kim Kardashian and her flighty dress
It is only Thursday and already Kim Kardashian has had a busy week. Only yesterday her “flighty” dress decided to do a “Monroe” on her and show the paparazzi her bloomers, or lack thereof, when her billowy maternity dress caught the wind.

Kim, who is carrying her own personal rapper Kanye West’s baby, was crossing the street wearing a very summery outfit. While she walked the wind blew the skirt up as effectively as the subway vent did to Marilyn Monroe in the film Seven Year Itch.

The “paps” caught the moment that Kim’s dress went “airborne” and she found the whole episode very amusing, so she hasn’t lost her sense of humour yet.

Earlier in the week that wagging finger of news, Perez Hilton pointed out the Kim and her entire reality TV show family were going to get a XXX spoof made of them in a greenlit project from the adult film community.

Neither Kim nor Kanye have said what they think of this upcoming project, but we don’t think that she’ll find it that easy to laugh off. Still the gal has been busy. The 32 year old mom of one with another on the way hasn’t been back from her baby shopping trip to Paris that long.

She went with her mom for a “last minute” shopping spree while she could still fly. She is also getting ready for her baby shower and since the little one is due in the first of June, or July, it depends on who you talk to, she is probably starting to feel the pressure.

Despite Kim and Kanye’s best efforts to keep the public from guessing the baby’s gender, it would appear that a big clue might just be in that ballerina music box invite that’s been sent all the guests for the baby shower.

Of course if you are a fan of the show, you can see what the gender is when season eight starts on E! the first week of June. The premiere episode shows Kardashian with sisters Kourtney and Khloe and mom, Kris Jenner, in a doctor’s office waiting for the results of her ultrasound.

So presumably if you tune into the show, you can see what gender the new baby is. Just like everyone got to see Kim Kardashian as her dress almost took flight and did a “flying nun.” Not quite the same thing, we agree, but it might be interesting.

But as popular as Kim is with the reality TV set, there are some who have been condemning her for putting on so much weight. Kim herself says that she is having a painful time with this pregnancy, although it did take her a long time to give up those high heels for flats and someone should really tell her that swollen ankles is not a good look with a summery, billowy, short dress.

Sister Khloe spoke to Celebuzz and was full of praise for her sis and how well she’s coping with flats and all. She said, “Honestly, she’s doing great, honestly besides the criticism that she gets. I think she’s now handling it better. She’s now kind of trying to block it all out. It was hard for her. She’s great. I think any woman at the end of their pregnancy, I think you’re just like ‘OK, I’m comfortable.’ She’s not exactly there yet but I could sense it’s coming, which is normal.”

Khloe went on to say, “There’s so many of us [in our family] so we’re here to help her and that’s the great part.”

We are sure that Kim would have had a chat with Celebuzz, but she has been very busy. First in Paris, then trying to talk Kanye into attending the shower, shopping, the Kardashian XXX film (that she is bound to find out about sooner or later), her flighty dress, shopping, deciding on the heels and then having to switch to the flats, did I mention shopping? So, like we mentioned, it is only Thursday and Kim has been so busy.

By Michael Smith


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