Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another

Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another
Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian knows what she is doing when it comes to marketing herself and the Kardashian name; just go to her Twitter account and read how she tweets one commercial after another.

Kardashian tweets about her own merchandise, getting others to retweet for her, expanding her name in the market place.

“Our summer lookbook is here!” was tweeted by the mom-to-be only hours ago and has already been retweeted 103 times and marked as a favorite by another 117 people.

The not-quite divorced Kardashian also tweeted, “The fragrance of our #KardashianSunKissed sunless line is sooo FRESH…no sunless odor!!” on May 10, another advertisement. Again, on May 3, “Love how easy it is to keep my sunless glow fresh with #KardashianSunKissed Tan Extender w/ Bronzers. It’s Sulfate, Paraben & Gluten Free!”

When she was in Houston, she tweeted about Sears on May 5, “Today is Sears Family & Friends event! Get amazing discounts on Kardashian Kollection in store plus discounts online!”  In addition, on May 4, “Sears in Willowbrook Houston we are here!”

However, the reality star is not only about shameless self-promotion, she also tweets about stars, unabashedly admiring other stars with Instagram pictures and tweets like “Met Life beyonce  solangeknowles,” and  “When we first MET madonna”.

Clearly, her life is exciting, almost every tweet is punctuated with an exclamation point, even her May 13 pleas for help, “A paparazzi almost crashed into my car today! I am still shaking! He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop???!!!???”

Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another
Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another

It is a sad state of affairs when a star famous for being famous with no recognized form of talent is crying out to stop the paparazzi from taking her pictures.  I have argued many times in the past that if that were to happen, where would she be without her fortune and fame?  Alternatively, has she already amassed so much that she no longer needs or desires to have her picture taken?

Kardashian and her clan (other than Bruce Jenner, but he is a Jenner, not a Kardashian) is famous by six-degrees-of-separation.  Their family is famous because OJ Simpson was a football player who subsequently became even more famous for allegedly killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

OJ Simpson, a former football player for the San Francisco 49ers, was accused of killing ex-wife Brown Simpson and Goldman in 1994.  In a highly publicized trial, Simpson hired a defense team that included Robert Kardashian, ex-husband of Kris Jenner and father of Kim Kardashian.  (Robert Kardashian died in 2003.)

Fast forward to 2007, Kim Kardashian gains notoriety by making a sex-tape with singer Ray J; she sued over the rights of the tape, eventually dropping the suit, but settling with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million.

Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another
Kim Kardashian Tweets one Commercial After Another

Chances are, had her father not represented Simpson in one of the biggest trials of the century, her name not have saturated the loosely defined entertainment industry and would not have become synonymous with glam-hoochie clothing.  Free pornography is rampant on the Internet and 18-year-old girls are posting risqué pictures willing hoping to become the next commodity and get a piece of the reality show pie.

Love her or hate her, Kardashian seems to know how to market, and tweeting commercials seems to work for her.

By Dawn Cranfield

Senior Correspondent/Product Specialist

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