Lindsay Lohan Adamant that Betty Ford Center Give Back Adderall

Lindsay Lohan Adamant that Betty Ford Center Give Back Adderall

Lindsay Lohan is kicking up again just hours after getting the okay from Judge Jim Dabney to attend a 90 day rehabilitation clinic in the Betty Ford Center. She is adamant that she get back her ADHD Adderall medication.

Doctors at the Betty Ford Center do not give the medication out to patients over the age of 15 due to the addictive quality of the drug. Since Lindsay hasn’t been a 15 year old girl for quite a few years now, it makes sense that this addictive substance be removed from her.

Lindsay says that she needs the Adderall for her continuing ADHD problem, but doctors at the clinic know that the drug is a favorite weight control drug used by many Hollywood starlets and the medical staff at the center aren’t buying into her story.

Lohan has threatened to walk out of the center if she doesn’t get her drug back, despite the fact that the court was so lenient with her in the first place. But in keeping with her image of not caring if she gets a break from authorities or not, she’s apparently not bothered by making yet more waves.

Considering that since 2006 the actress has had more bad press than good and is more notable for her misbehaving and serious alcohol and drug problems, it seems that she isn’t really interested in cleaning her act up and getting out of the rehab loop she’s currently in.

Trouble with authorities over her many brushes with the law has not motivated Ms Lohan to knuckle down and get back to that promising career that she once had. If nothing else it should say something to Lindsay when Charlie Sheen of all people offer to straighten her out.

The courts decision to allow Lindsay to check in to the Betty Ford Center was based on the provision that her time in rehab be trouble free. With fireworks and histrionics occurring almost instantly after her admittance, it looks like this is another chance that Lindsay is going to mess up.

Rather than clamouring for her addictive Adderall, Lindsay should be looking for the magic drug that will help her to grow up and reclaim that spark of talent that propelled her into the arena of stardom with her performances in Mean Girls, The Parent Trap and the Freaky Friday remake.

There are rumours that a “family” meeting will be staged at the center to help Lindsay out. It is doubtful that this will help and she has so far turned down all real offers of help. It remains to be seen what the courts reaction will be to her latest threat of leaving the sanctioned rehabilitation clinic, but one can assume that Judge Jim Dabney will not be overly impressed with her behaviour so soon after checking in.

But in terms of Lindsay Lohan world, it is early days yet and she has plenty of time to think up another reason to skip her treatment. It is the weekend, after all and she won’t have to really face the music until Monday at least.

Until then, perhaps she and Brooke Mueller can comfort each other with Charlie Sheen stories.

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