Lindsay Lohan runs for rehab title against Brooke Mueller

Lindsay Lohan runs for rehab title against Brooke Mueller

Most may think Lindsay Lohan is an expert on rehab, but on her recent visit to a rehab facility, Lohan is just a few rooms away from a girl who is a true expert on the subject. Brooke Mueller has been to rehab 19 times making this stint her 20th.

Perhaps Lindsay is doing a little better than Brooke,  but hey, she’s still young.

According to TMZ Brooke and Lindsay are currently staying in the hospital wing at The Betty Ford Center, which is located in the luxurious resort community of Rancho Mirage, California. The 20-acre campus provides help and hope to individuals and family members affected by alcoholism and/or addiction to other drugs.

The two have already run into each other and exchanged pleasantries, but no drugs.

As reported, the Hollywood actress is there for her court ordered 90 days stay; a trip that could have been replaced by jail if Lohan had agreed to go.

Meanwhile, Brooke is there getting help. Her home was just invaded by Family and Children Services, who removed her twins and placed them in the custody of Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards. It’s interesting that Lindsay has ties to Brooke’s ex, Charlie, as he’s been sticking up for her and helping her out with advice and money during her recent troubles.

Charlie’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, appeared in court where she successfully fought to keep temporary custody of Sheen’s twin sons.  And according to reports, the twins won’t be returned to Mueller’s care until authorities feel they are in a safe environment.

The Betty Ford Center is the second facility Lohan has checked in to for her mandatory rehab. The first one was Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach.  The 26-year-old actress had reportedly been”freaking out” and threatening to quit the rehab facility. “Judge Dabney signed off on Betty Ford and he expects her to remain there for 90 days. If she doesn’t, it will be a violation of her probation and the judge will send her to jail.” 

“Lindsay has been able to eat whatever she has wanted and not gain weight for years. The Hollywood actress attributes this to Adderall.”

Unlike other patients, Lindsay is not allowed to leave the facility at any point during her stay.

Lohan, who claims she suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has allegedly told friends that she cannot continue to stay there, and wants to move to another rehab facility, which will allow her to continue taking the psycho-stimulant medication because she is terrified of putting on weight.

Title or not, Lohan is young enough to sweep past Brooke Mueller’s rehab visits in the not too distant future.


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