Lindsay Lohan Violates Parole

Lindsay Lohan Violates Parole

 I don’t know who is more “messed up”, Justin Bieber, or Lindsay Lohan.  It’s pretty much of a toss-up.  But Ms. Lohan has once again placed herself above the law.  Just minutes after driving to a rehab center in Newport Beach Thursday, she left, in violation of her parole.

She was to stay in the Morningside Recovery facility for 90 days.  She was to have treatment related to a reckless driving charge.  She arrived at the facility about 11 a.m., and left just a few minutes later.

Mark Heller, Lohan’s attorney, told Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Dabney that she had begun her treatment on Thursday morning.  He was blatantly lying.

Ms. Lohan was photographed at Fry’s, and electronics store, in Fountain Valley at 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

To add more fuel to the fire, Ms. Lohan’s chosen facility is not licensed to care for those in drug or alcohol rehab.  Its license was revoked, and is now no more than a sober living facility.  In fact, none of Morningside’s facilities are licensed.

Will the judge order her to another facility, or will he send her to jail to serve out her 90 days?  Judge Dabney’s decision will be based on discussions between the Santa Monica and Los Angeles district attorney’s offices.

Ms. Lohan’s father continues to be in denial.  “It’s not her fault,” her father said. “This poor kid was a mess before she left.”

“Lindsay had no idea that Morningside wasn’t approved,” Michael Lohan said.

Her father, who has bitterly opposed Heller’s representation of Lohan, said he has been urging his daughter to go the the Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, which bills itself as a “luxury rehab center.”

“The Lukens Institute is where she wanted to go all along, a place she will get the right treatment and finally get better,” Michael Lohan said.

Her legal problems began with a drunk driving arrest in 2007, and have been followed up with several incidents, most of them while she was driving.

The offense that was to place her in rehab was committed in 2012.  She was  charged with reckless driving, and providing false information to an officer.  She pled no contest, and two other charges were dismissed.  After she spends her 90 days in rehab, she is still required to undergo 18 months in psychotherapy and serve 30 days of community service.

Lohan has spent about two weeks behind bars in six trips to the Los Angeles County jail, served 35 days under house arrest and worked about 67 days of community service at the county morgue.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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