Lok Sabha amidst protest from the main opposition BJP to stall the proceedingsright

Lok Sabha amidst protest from the main opposition BJP to stall the proceedingsright

Right to food-a fundamental right

When the government is trying vigorously and vociferously to pass the National Food Security Bill in the Lok Sabha amidst protest from the main opposition BJP to stall the proceedings, the 67% of the population who would get benefit out of the passage of the bill will naturally be anguished. The hope of the poorer of the poor is lit in the face of the failure of the present public distribution system. The corrupt and inefficient politicians and officials have destroyed the system with out having any chance for a resurrection. The deformity starts with the inclusion of members in the BPL and APL lists. When many of the well to do families got included in the BPL list on account of their relation to the officers and politicians, many of eligible poor got excluded from the list on account of their no -influence or ignorance or illiteracy.

Even when some of the BPL families gained prosperity owing to some members’ job abroad or business success they continue to enjoy the benefits given to the poorest of the poor. Anything is possible if an officer favors. The nexus between the officers and the ration dealers could deny the benefit assured to the poor. They could cheat the card holders by not delivering the required quantity and the actual quality meant for them. Besides there is a small percentage of card holders who do not buy their rations regularly and this will go into the pocket of the dealers .The government also did what ever it could to de-establish the public distribution system. It reduced the subsidy and it cut short the quantity.

It is ironical that all the while nurturing one, another of the same nature is strangulated. While the National Food Security is the fortunate one, the Public Distribution System is the unfortunate one. Although the government claims NFS assures food to the 67% of the population at subsidized rate, only time can tell its fate with the same nature of public relief, PDS, is bedridden. Until and unless the corrupt, favorite and selfish attitude of our politicians and government servants change, no new system or scheme or action or procedure will find the suffering and fetch them the help. Right to food should be included in the fundamental right s as one of the basic rights as food is the most essential thing a person needs for the sustainability of his life.

A leader with clean image and clear vision could see it happens even if 545 members are vociferous.

Written By: Shaji john

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