Mariah Carey boob spill (video)

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Mariah boob spill

Mariah Carey had a boob spill Friday morning on live TV. She was scheduled to perform for the US Breakfast show, however, her dress made by Donatella Versace had other plans.

Mariah was patiently waiting, something she probably isn’t that used to at home with Young babies to care for, and everything seemed fine. Then she wanted to say something to the host and suddenly her facial expression changed to that of surprise: her pink purplish lovely sequined dress just popped open on live TV.

The songstress was heard saying in a small voice: “Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped. It popped. I love you Donatella (Versace), but it popped darling. Wait a minute, hold on. Is it gonna fall?”

Good Morning America almost got an eye full. But Mariah, always the professional, was super quick and held her dress high up. Immediately, several seamstresses rushed from behind the curtain and started sewing the mess back together. Carey was making jokes about how she wouldn’t mind performing holding her dress up while anchor Lara Spencer held up her cue cards in front of Mariah’s breasts. Unfortunately or fortunately her breast were too big to be covered by mere cue cards.

Mariah tried to stay positive and even made up a title for the no doubt viral sensation she was certain the situation would become: “What should we call this, the Central Park saga? It seems like a YouTube moment.”

The producers of the show didn’t hesitate and went to a fast commercial break. When the show was broadcast on TV again Mariah started singing her classic song: “We belong together”. MC wasn’t safe after this one incident. Murphy’s law is all so applicable if you are a big star, meaning her performance was peppered with strange incidents. Mariah couldn’t make it back to the stage on time after she changed costumes, therefore the reporters had to wait for her and there was an awkward interlude. When she finally appeared, Carey didn’t want to answer questions at first because in her own words: “I need to catch my breath, please talk.”

The final accident was probably the funniest one. Mariah always seems so well put together and a classy lady. (Some would say quite a diva but always soft spoken and well mannered.) When she introduced her special guest during the morning show, she let go of her poise and let out a “Oh, s**t,” directly followed by ”  You didn’t hear that!” What had happened? She actually lost her footing because of her elegant shoes which were practical enough to perform in. The moment she lost her balance for a second, she couldn’t help letting this profanity slide from her lips.

Miguel is a singer she collaborated with for a new song titled ” #beautiful.” Mariah always brings energy and sexy times to any concert. However this time she elevated this to an even higher level and some would say this was extra daring because it was broadcast live, and in the early morning. We applaud Carey for her cool, and let’s hope Donatella makes more of those nip slip prone dresses.

by Georgina Pijttersen


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