Mayweather Defeats Guerrero



I didn’t watch the fight last night between Floyd Mayweather and Roberto Guerrero.  I didn’t think it would be worth the ‘pay-per-view’ price.  Everything I read this morning tells me I did the right thing, as Mayweather easily defeated Guerrero in a unanimous decision.  My title is apparently as mundane as was the fight.

“I was looking for the knockout but I hurt my hand,” Mayweather said. “I feel bad I didn’t give the fans the knockout.”

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.  Mayweather, who is 36, doesn’t have the power to knockout a 66 year old man like me anymore.  The plan was defense.  That was the focal point of Mayweather’s performance.

I read that he did throw some good right hands, and bloodied Guerrero’s face, but according to reports, some fans were yawning.

What did happen, the truly important thing to Mayweather, is that he made another 32 million dollars last night.

Mayweather hadn’t fought in a year as he took his 44-0 record into the ring.  The odds-makers had him a 5-1 favorite.

When Guerrero did attack Mayweather, he was counter-punched.  It sounds like a very one sided and boring bout.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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