Miley Cyrus Dumped For Bodyguard

While Miley Cyrus works on her new album, it appears that she’s been dumped by fiancé Liam Hemsworth for a bodyguard at a Cannes Film Festival party where he was spotted shaking it alone.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have been a constant source of rumours where the state of their often “troubled” relationship is concerned. Liam who is out plugging his latest film, the second of the Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire, didn’t look all that happy to be partying down without Miley. Or was it because he was solo?

Liam was attending a Belvedere vodka party, one of the many parties being held during film festival week at Cannes.

A “source” said, “It was really weird, Liam was in the VIP area with three huge minders, everyone was enjoying themselves but Liam looked out of sorts. The party was really crazy and wild but Liam didn’t fancy joining in and looked like he had somewhere else to be.”

For those of you who do not live in the United Kingdom, a minder is a bodyguard.

Liam arrived at about 2am and after about a half an hour later left the party to go and check out another party at the exclusive Nikki beach.

Considering the amount of grief that Hemsworth got the last time he went partying ‘sans’ Miley, this most recent appearance of his “going it alone” might get the fireworks going again with his special lady. That might just possibly account for the glum attitude he was exhibiting.

The Belvedere party featured a star-studded guest list with Solange Knowles and Ahna O’Reilly both attending and everyone was listening to JustJared.

So while Liam appeared a little down, he should have had some fun because the music was great featuring not just JustJared, but Rev Run of Run DMC and DJ Ruckus. What’s not to enjoy?

Miley was presumably working it hard at the recording studio and she was spotted heading into it wearing a very “calm” plaid shirt. Must be her “working” clothes.

The girl has been working hard on her music and her upcoming album. It’s been reported that she was in the studio yesterday laying down a track with Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile back at Cannes, Liam is still going it alone and hasn’t yet fallen prey to the temptation to “hook up” with any of his fellow actors (or actresses) of any of the devastatingly beautiful eye candy that flocks to the film festival each year.

Apparently he is not aware of the recording booth sharing that Justin and Miley participated in while he’s been doggedly staying on his lonesome so Miley doesn’t go catastrophic when she finds out that he had the audacity to go clubbing without his sweetie.

Sort of like the old gag of the wife-y complaining to her harassed husband about “slaving away in front of a hot stove all day and this is the thanks I get?” Miley will most probably say, “Here I am, slaving away in the recording studio all day, with Justin, and this is the thanks I get?”

Keep an ear out for the Cyrus explosion when she finds out that Liam has, “Done it again.”

By Michael Smith


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