North Korea – Short-range guided missiles fired today

South Korea North Korea Missile Test

Following the testing of two short range guided missiles fired in March this year by North Korea off its east coast, it is been established that today another three short range guided missiles were fired into the eastern waters. Two KN -02 missiles fired this morning and another later on in the afternoon. South Korea has accused North Korea, is uncertain of this action, and has raised concerns of more military provocation in the region.

The missiles launched today only have a range of 75 miles, unlike the mid range Musudan missiles which are capable of traveling more than 1800 miles. US officials claimed that North Korea withdrew two mid-range missiles that are capable of reaching Guam early this year and moved them to the east coast.

North Korea continues to defy the international community and this incident heightens the concerns of Pyongyang’s renewed threat of a nuclear war.

A joint decision for training of navel drills by the US and South Korea, this week heightened the risk of nuclear war, with the arrival of a USS Nimitz aircraft carrier into the southern port of Busan. The state TV of North Korea called the move by the US and South Korea extremely reckless, and voiced a potential risk of raising a nuclear war in the peninsula, because of the war practice by the enemy forces.

The US National Security Spokeswoman Cailin Haden said, “North Korea will achieve nothing by threats or provocations.” She stated they continue to undermine the international efforts to bring peace and to stabilize the region and this action will isolate them further.
President Obama called on the North Korean leadership to choose the path of peace and comply with international obligations. Cailen Haden urged the leader to heed this advice.

Attempts to import nuclear and ballistic missile related items by the North Korean leadership prove difficult under the tough trade sanctions and financial constraints. The sanctions have not halted the nuclear programs but rather caused a delay in their development of banned weapons.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) using the initials of the country’s official name continue its efforts to import relevant items for the program of nuclear weapons but continue to find this more difficult. Imposing more sanctions against North Korean companies and several individuals by the UN Security Council Committee who monitor the sanctions will take action once their members meet later during this week. The United States and the European Union have increased the pressure on Kim Jong Un’s regime by implementing tougher financial measures.

The US accused the state run Bank of China, one of the country’s largest bankers of financing a North Korean bank for the Pyongyang nuclear programs and in a display of the growing discontent halted the finance. China the closest partner and economic link of North Korea, supported the UN sanctions. The support given by China will halt the nuclear program.

The routine tests of short-range missiles by North Korea this Saturday could indicate that diplomacy is finally working.

Written by Laura Oneale

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