Obama Lame Duck, Maybe Not: Plus – Benghazi Nightmare for Hillary

President Obama Speaks On The Death Of US Ambassador In Libya Christopher Stevens

After 100 days in his second term, President Obama was hoping to have a Gun Control law under his belt. That is why he was so upset when the Senate voted down his bills to punish the law abiding citizens for the actions of criminals. The reason he did not win in the Senate is because some Democrats voted against it. When you see that Democrats are not falling in line with the President’s Socialist agenda, it appears Obama has become a Lame Duck already. The general consensus is that since many Democrats are up for election and since they know that 80% of the voters in their State are against the issues that the 20% want, they must start voting for what the people want instead of what Harry Reid and the President want. The bottom line is that all his Leftist Progressive legislation is dead on arrival.

There is also the Benghazi issue that will put President Obama under pressure along with Hillary Clinton and may possible derail her quest to be the Democratic nominee in 2016. You will learn that the video was not the reason there was a terror attack. You will learn that there were months of planning, but real truth may never come out. You will learn that the President told the military to stand down when the Consulate was under fire. Why would the Commander in Chief order the military to stand down in the face of Americans being killed when they could have been saved? That question will never be answered. The reason is that Obama had made a secret deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hillary Clinton helped. Obama wants to trade away Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. The Muslim Brotherhood agreed to capture our Ambassador in Benghazi then trade him for Abdel-Rahman but they went back on their word. Who knew you can not trust a Terrorist? You may learn that the security force of the Consulate were also terrorists. Hillary and Obama fell hook, line and sinker when they made a deal with the devils. They had to call off the military rescue because they thought the terrorists were only kidnapping the Ambassador. When the terrorists decided to rape and murder the Ambassador and Obama finally learned of the horror, the cover up began. You would have thought that Obama and especially Hillary should have learned from Watergate that the cover up can be worse than the crime, except in this case. There were no American deaths in the Watergate break in.

The second term for Obama looks as though he will not be able to get anything done as his own party of Leftist Progressive Democrats are turning against him. But wait, there is more, he may not be a Lame Duck after all. There is a chance that his base may rally around him in June. There may be a Supreme Court Justice retiring in June. That would change everything. President Obama’s base will come back 100% to support him and his nominee. President Obama will place in nomination a judge that has proved they are in line with Obama’s Leftist Progressive Socialist agenda. The Republicans will vote against the nominee, but the President will win and that means he will not be a Lame Duck.

Do not forget to mark your calender for May 15th at the Silverton Casino at 6pm for the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee meeting. This meeting is very important and we need Conservatives to attend. Progressives and RINOs please stay home. This meeting is for Conservatives only. Bring your Id with you.

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