Oscar Pistorius brother Carl acquitted on culpable homicide charge

Johannesburg, South Africa, Carl Pistorius brother of world famous paralympian Oscar Pistorius is a free man. Pistorius appeared to be delighted on being acquitted of culpable homicide charges. His brother Oscar Pistorius is currently on bail pending his trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February this year.

The defense team says, Carl Pistorius is happy with the judgment after a drawn out court battle. He hadn’t been himself since the fatal and devastating motor vehicle accident in March 2008, causing the death of Maria Barnard.

Pistorius was acquitted of all charges of reckless or negligent driving, driving without reasonable consideration and culpable homicide. Family member of Barnard saw Pistorius walk away a free man. Pistorius had pleaded not guilty to all allegations since the start of the examination.

During March 2008, Maria Barnard’s motorbike collided with Carl’s bakkie in Vanderbijlpark. She died in hospital later. It took the legal system five years, since that fatal accident, to bring closure to this case. There were many conflicting versions during the trial. The court recalled the entire version of the accident for clarification. The legal defense team questioned the witnesses and told the court that Carl Pistorius was not a negligent driver. The defense team also argued that Maria Barnard was speeding at the time of the accident. Although the court heard that Maria Barnard used alcohol occasionally and anti depressants from her daughter, a witness in this case, it was not established if this caused the accident. After considerable cross-examination, which resulted in a favorable judgment for Carl Pistorius, it was evident that the state failed to provide a watertight case against Carl Pistorius.

A controversial court case for Pistorius, which cast a shadow over his life for more than five years, and sparked a flurry of public attention, especially following the bail application of his famous brother Oscar Pistorius, in February of this year, that lasted more than a week.

A happy and free man, Pistorius will no doubt soon be back in court and offer his support to his famous brother Oscar for the Valentine’s Day murder.

Written by Laura Oneale

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