P Diddy In Downton Abbey or Downtown Abbey

P Diddy

Anyone reading the news or checking their Twitter feed over the last couple of days would have seen the news that P Diddy aka Sean Coombs was going to be the first black cast member in Downton Abbey, or as he repeatedly called it, Downtown Abbey.

When Diddy first “tweeted” the news, the internet and his fans went wild. But the Downton Abbey spokesman said that it was certainly news to him as he’d not heard of this latest development in the Abbey casting.

The English period drama which airs in the US on the PBS Channel got a huge plug in the Iron Man 3 film. In this third instalment of the popular film series, Jon Favreau’s character, Happy Hogan is addicted to watching the program and in one scene, you can see “snippets” of the show.

Apparently, Happy Hogan shares his love of the show with P Diddy.

It all turned out to be Diddy putting his own plug on the internet with a “spoof” video that he did with “funny or die” who specialise in “off-the-wall” and zany videos that star some pretty big names in the entertainment business.

They also just recently did a feature length “biopic” on the late Steve Jobs starring Justin Long, that was very loosely based on his life. Very original and funny, the film has been doing well.

But it is for the short spoofs and parodies that the site is best known for. Like Michael Shannon reading out the e-mail that a head sorority sister sent to all her underlings in the house, full of expletives and outright bitchiness.

P Diddy’s “appearance” on the hit television show is just the latest of the “funny or die” spoofs and it has been incredibly popular. Diddy has been almost seamlessly inserted into existing scenes of the show and he interacts with the cast members. If nothing else, his latest venture has shown that he can certainly have a laugh at himself and he has one heck of a sense of humour.

This clip has been on the internet for a couple of days now. Which means, of course, that practically everybody and their dog has seen it. But just in case you missed it, or were out in the middle of the wilderness where the local savages have yet to discover the joys of the internet, we’ve put the video up for your, and our continuing, amusement.

I’ve always been a fan of P Diddy, how can anyone not be? Whether you like his music or not, you have to admire his style and his determination to be the best at what he does. And now, after the appearance of this video, we can admire his sense of humour and his willingness to make fun of himself in front of the world.That is, in itself, an admirable quality, especially for one who is almost always in the public eye somewhere.

So while we have yet one more thing to admire in this talented performer, we won’t mention his acting skills. But if, like us, you can appreciate this show of good humour, watch Lord Woolcott in this and enjoy.

By Michael Smith


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