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The Story of Laura Berman

Laura Berman

Conscious music is on the rise, especially in Portland, Oregon.  Musicians like Laura Berman choose lyrics that inspire the soul and lift the spirit.  Instead of co-dependent love songs and painful break-up messages, Laura sings about reconnecting to the truth of who we are and how to approach life with a positive attitude.  Originally from New York City, Laura Berman moved to Portland and found home.

It began in New York City, when Laura would go to Manhattan and watch shows on Broadway as a kid.  “I would feel like I walked a little higher afterwards“, she said “yes, there is definitely a Broadway show in me“.  She wanted to study music in college, but attending the University of Massachusetts  she felt all the requirements she needed to complete prevented her from doing that, so she joined a jazz ensemble and majored in art and psychology. She was very interested in black and gospel music back then; playing her guitar, she began songwriting to make it through what she called ‘her dark times’.  Her first song was “I found my own”, an inspirational song that spoke to her healing journey.

Laura struggle a lot with confidence issues and eating disorders in her earlier years.  She wants other girls to know that a negative body image, though promoted in this society, is not a healthy way to live or fulfill your dreams.  It’s taken her a lot of years to get over the negative way she viewed her body, but today is standing strong in self-acceptance and allowing her dreams to manifest.

By 2004, Laura had achieved a significant level of success on her own, before meeting her soon to be guitarist and later husband, Craig Benelli.  Laura had performed back up to Grammy Award-winning Enya, on the David Letterman show as well as releasing her first debut CD “Love Will“. Laura needed a guitar player for her band and hired Craig Benelli, who later she married and started a band called ‘4 Stories High’ with; their story is history from there.

Laura toured with 4 Stories High and played for Spiritual centers as well as opening for top-selling authors, like Neale Donald Walsch, all over the nation including performing at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.  Their first CD Detour came as a result of their first tour together.  In 2011, 4 Stories High received a Positive-Music Award for their hit ‘Right here all along‘ by the Empower Music association.  In 2012, their song ‘Changing lives‘ became the theme song for medical show ‘Top Docs’ out of Texas.

Laura says her biggest dream is having her music in a movie, and perform at the Oscars.

Here is a video of Laura performing with her husband Craig and 4 Stories High at Tidings Cafe in Ashland, Oregon.

Living in Portland, Oregon today, Laura dazzles her fans regularly at the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego as well at other spiritual centers and churches around the greater Northwest area – often in Seattle, Washington. Since making a solo move recently, Laura has been teaming up and performing with other amazing musicians such as Amy Steinberg and Laura Ivancie.

If you are in Portland, Oregon and have not checked out Laura Berman, make sure you take the opportunity to hear some music that will uplift you incredibly. Laura has a way of bringing you into the music when she’s on stage, I cry almost every time I see her, not always because of the lyrics, though they are moving, but it’s the way she expresses passion for what she sings. Laura Berman is just one of the amazing musicians out of Portland today turning to conscious lyrics for a world choosing enlightenment over mediocrity.

You can learn more about Laura by visiting her website: LauraBermanMusic

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