Sunglasses Prevent Surfer’s Eye

Sunglasses Prevent Surfer's Eye

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses

So far I was thinking that sunglasses are a fashion statement that should only be worn by Hollywood or Bollywood stars. They wear such big glasses, give a nice big smile, wave at the crowd and disappear in thin air. But the husband told me such a scary story about a colleague, who nearly lost his sight because of not wearing sun glasses. This made me do a little study about sunglasses. Here are the details.

Sunglasses or sun cheaters protect your eyes from bright sunlight and high energy visible light. Do you know that even prehistoric people wore sun glasses? The Inuit people wore flattened walrus ivory glasses. When exposed to sunlight the eyes suffer badly.
It may cause sunburn of the eye which can lead to loss of vision for 48 hours.

Surfer’s eye is a condition which causes benign growth on eye surface which can itch, swell or become irritable. It seems a surgery is required in such a case. The consequences of not wearing sunglasses can also lead to cataracts which causes clouding on the eye lens, age related macular degeneration which leads to blindness in older individuals and cancer of eye and eyelid. I think I have scared you to death.

Sun glasses improve the comfort of vision and increases clarity by reducing the amount of glare. Now, you have to protect the eyes from UVA and UVB radiation. Harvard scientists recommend some really useful glasses. The cosmetic variety has light colored tints and blocks about 70% of UVB rays 20% of UVA and 60% of visible light.

The UVA rays are responsible for skin tanning and ageing of skin. The UVB rays causes sun burn and skin cancer. The sun glasses used for general purpose has medium to dark lenses it blocks 95% of UVB rays and 60% of UVA and 60-90% of visible light. The special purpose sunglasses has extremely dark lenses and blocks 99% of UVB rays 60% of UVA rays and 97% of visible light.

I hope the scientists have done a great job by advising on the type of glasses to wear. Hope you are on your way to the market to buy yourself a nice pair of sunglasses. They are a great fashion as well as health accessory and are must for every individual in town. Wear your glasses, wave to everybody you meet but be careful not to vanish in thin air.

Written By: Swarnam John

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