The Progressives Are Coming May 15TH

Silverton Hotel and Casino in the Veil ballroom

Watch out Nevada here come the Progressives coming to take over the Republican Party. They are strong, they are organized and they are primed to bring a lot of people with them to overload the few Conservatives that will show up. Conservatives are not big on meetings, they are independent individuals who believe live and let live, they will even stay home during a Presidential election because they cannot vote for a Progressive. The reason both McCain and Romney lost was because they were both Progressives. We need to elect Conservatives if we want to fix our Country. The Candidates should also vow to cosponsor the Fair Tax Act. Next election make sure to ask the Candidates if they support the Fair Tax Act and vote for those who will vow to cosponsor HR 25 in the House and S.122 in the Senate.

That brings us to the meeting at the Silverton Hotel and Casino in the Veil ballroom May 15,2013 doors open at 5:30 pm. We need Conservative to show up, I know you feel like you have better things to do. This meeting will help to determine the future of the Republican Party in Nevada. The Progressives have the numbers to swing the vote for the officers of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee. The Chairmanship could fall into the hands of the Progressives and you can kiss your Liberties good bye
You may be an Independent, Libertarian or Non-Party or maybe you have not registered to vote yet, come to this meeting and register Republican and vote for Cindy Lake. You can visit and if you are already a registered Republican you can sign up to become a member of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee.

Here is an update on the Benghazi scandal. The White House Press Secretary tossed Hilary Clinton under the bus today at a briefing but he did it in a subtle way as to go unnoticed. As more information comes out you will see that the President and the Secretary of State failed to protect American lives and even let four Americans die in vain. One always feels that if we are in a foreign country and in trouble the U.S. Marines would come to our aid. Not in the Obama Administration, they will tell them to stand down just like they did on September 11, 2012. I think Obama is going to try to pin this on Hilary Clinton which would hurt her chance to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016.

Finally let me stress how important it is for Conservatives to get off their butts and help us to keep Clark County Conservative and not Progressive. Remember that Progressives want to control your life and Conservatives want live and let live but be responsible. May 15th in the Veil Ballroom at the Silverton Casino, be there.

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