Tim Lambesis arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his wife

Tim Lambesis

Tim Lambesis was arrested at a store on Vista Way, around 2:30 p.m., May 7 in Oceanville in California, for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill his wife. The heavy-metal lead singer did know the hit man was an undercover police officer. He is now in custody of the vista Detention Facility where he awaits for his court appearance.

According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell, Tim Lambesis was allegedly looking into hiring another to commit murder. Caldwell announced that the information reached their office Thursday and said they had to do something to avert a tragedy. In fact, several law enforcement agencies were involved in this operation. Caldwell further added that the San Diego Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division, as well as the fugitive Task force collaborated to initiate the investigation and entrapment operation. When the investigators verified the allegation, they formulated a plan that took them the entire week to put into motion.

Caldwell refused to disclose any information why Lambesis did want his estranged wife killed, or how they learned of his murder plan. His wife, Meggan, filed a divorce last September 20, 2012. Tim and Megan have only one child in this marriage, but they adopted three Ethiopian children before her estrangement. This information came from the San Diego Superior Court online database.

Five members of As I Lay band are Christians and has always been described as a Christian group, but Lambesis said that they would rather be judged as a group rather than their personal beliefs. During the interview with MTV, he said that he wanted to inspire others with his music. The band As I Lay Dying was a Grammy Academy nominee last 2008. Their album The Ocean Between Us hit the number 8 spot at the Billboard 200 Lists. Prior to his arrest, the band was said to tour the country this May. Tim Lambesis founded the band in 2000. He was the lead vocalist, and Meggan Lambesis was the background vocalist in 2008.

His band member, record label Metal Blade, could not be reached for comment. No one knew if Tim Lambesis already has a lawyer. According to sources, Lambesis will appear for his arraignment on Wednesday, May 8 or Thursday, May 9. In his initial appearance to the court, the charges will be read. The succeeding court hearing is yet unknown. It is yet to be determined if bail is possible. Caldwell stresses that the investigation still continues. The motive is yet to be determined as the investigation goes on. The Captain of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department commended the task force for acting sharply and averted the loss of an innocent life.


Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

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