Wade Robson Does 180 on Michael Jackson

Robeson say Jackson did molest him

On the Today Show Wade Robson, the 30 year-old dancer and choreographer, who testified in two different court proceedings that the late Michael Jackson had not sexually abused him in any way, now does a complete 180 degree turn on the subject of Michael Jackson’s molesting him.

Robeson now says that Jackson did molest him. He has now made a claim against the dead superstar’s estate for alleged child sex abuse and he spoke to the Today Show about his experiences during the time he spent as a minor with Jackson.

Wade Robson, now 30, denied in testimony at Jackson’s child molestation trial in 2005 that he had been molested by the singer.

Robeson alleges that the abuse started when he was 7 years-old and continued for 7 years until he was 14. Yet when called to testify in Jacksons 2005 trial claimed that the late singer had never done anything wrong towards him and two months after Jackson’s death in 2009, he followed that up by saying that, “a wonderful relationship” and he called Jackson “a kind human being.”

The lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate has called the allegations, “outrageous and pathetic. These new allegations have come in the form of a creditor’s claim that was filed against the estate in a Los Angeles probate court this month.

Despite Robeson coming to Michael Jackson’s defence when the singer was accused of being a paedophile and abusing minors that he had contact with, Wade swore to Today’s Matt Lauer that, “This is not a case of repressed memory.” He insisted that, “I never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me, but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

Initially in the interview he was very vague about just what Jackson had allegedly done to him. It was only after repeated questioning by Lauer that Robeson finally stated that, “He performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him.”

In 2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges, partly because of testimony by Robson and his family.

But Robeson had also denied any wrong doing by Jackson in 1993 when a criminal investigation of the singers relationships were being conducted. Robson has said that his denial in 1993 was a result of “complete manipulation and brainwashing” and that, “He would call me every day and role play and tell me the same sort of things and also tell me then that if anyone ever thought that we did these things, any of these sexual things, that both of us would go to jail for the rest of our lives.”

Robson also denied that the late singer had ever offered him money to keep quiet about what had really happened.

Tom Mersereau, the defence attorney who successfully got Jackson acquitted of all the 2005 charges has said “It’s absurd. He was one of the strongest witnesses for the defense at Michael Jackson’s criminal trial in 2005. He was adamant under oath that he had never been molested at any time.”

Wade Robson met Jackson in his native Australia when he was just 5. The singer invited him for frequent stays at Neverland after Robson and his family moved to Los Angeles two years later. Their visits continued until he was 13, according to court testimony.

Wade has also told Lauer that, “From day one of the abuse, Michael told me that we loved each other and that this was love, that this was an expression of our love. And then you follow that up with ‘but if you ever tell anyone what we’re doing, both of our lives and our career will be over.'”

Robeson now claims that it was becoming a father himself that has led him to change his story about Jackson. He has said that he, “collapsed into two nervous breakdowns, terrifying nervous breakdowns” during his son’s first 18 months.

“At that point I had no idea what was wrong with me, what was going on,” he said. “During the second one, this thing happened where I started looking at him and imagining him being a victim of the sexual abuse that I was at the hands of Michael. For the first time in my life, I began to realize that my completely numb and unexplored feelings in relationship to what Michael did to me might be a problem and maybe I need to speak to someone about it.”

The accusations have created a major stir among Jackson fans, with many calling Robson a traitor to the man who made his career. They argue his motivation is money from Jackson’s estate.

Michael Jackson’s fans are not the only people who believe that avarice has changed Robeson’s version of events. The Jackson estate legal team have also pointed out that if what Robeson says is true, then he has committed perjury several times in Court of Law and Robeson could face imprisonment.

By Michael Smith


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