11 Kanye West Songs Kim and Baby Might Blush at in 20 Years (Video)

11 Kanye West Songs Kim and Baby Might Blush at In 20 years (Video)

Now that Kanye West new album Yeezus has leaked (along with its controversial titles such as “I am God”), we take a look back at the songs that made Kanye West the lyrical entrepreneur he is and the lyrics which might make babymomma Kim and their new baby blush 20 years from now.

1.The New Workout Plan:
That’s right, put in work (Woo!)Move your ass, go wizzerk (Ow!Eat your salad, no dessert (Ugh!)Get that man you deserve

2.Ni$$as in Paris:
What’s Gucci my nigga?What’s Louis my killa?What’s drugs my deala?What’s that jacket, Margiela?Doctors say I’m the illestCause I’m suffering from realnessGot my ni$$as in ParisAnd they going gorillas, huh!

3.The Blame Game:
You should be grateful a (bleep) like me ever noticed you
Now you noticeable and cant nobody can control you
1 A.M. and can’t nobody get a hold of you
I’m calling your brothers phone like what was I supposed to do
Even though I knew, he never told the truth
He was just gon say whatever you gon told him too
At a certain point I had to stop asking questions
Chuck dirt on eachother like mud wrestlers
I heard he bought some coke with my money
Dat aint right girl
You getting blackmailed for that white girl
You always said Yeezy I ain’t you’re right girl
Probably find one of them “I like art” type girls

4.All of the Lights:
Im on my way heading up the stairs
To my surprise a (bleep) replacing me
I had to take ’em to that ghetto university

5.Jesus Walks:
Now hear ye hear ye want to see Thee more clearly
I know he hear me when my feet get weary
Cause we’re the almost nearly extinct
We rappers are role models we rap we don’t think
I ain’t here to argue about his facial features
Or here to convert atheists into believers
I’m just trying to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that’s the way I need Jesus

She find pictures in my email
I sent this girl a picture of my (d###).
I don’t know what it is with females
But I’m not too good with that (s$$$).
See, I could have me a good girl
And still be addicted to them hoodrats
And I just blame everything on you
At least you know that’s what I’m good at

7.Can’t Tell Me Nothing:
So if the Devil wear Prada, Adam, Eve wear Nada
I’m in between but way more fresher
With way less effort
‘Cause when you try hard is when you die hard
Y’all homies lookin’ like, why God?
When they reminisce over you, my God

I put the pu$$$ in a sarcophagus
now she claiming I bruise her esophagus
head of the class and she just want a swallowship
Im living the future so the presence is my past
my presence is a present kiss my ass

I remember I couldn’t afford a Ford Escort or even a four-track recorder
so its only right that I let the top drop on a drop-top Porsche
– its for yourself that’s important
If a stripper named Porscha and u get tips from many men
Then your fat friend her nickname is Minivan
Excuse me,
That’s just the Henny, man, I smoke, I drink, I’m supposed to stop I can’t because

10.Coldest Winter:
If spring can take the snow away
(If spring can take the snow away)
Can it melt away all of our mistakes
(Can it melt away all of our mistakes)
Memories made in the coldest winter
Goodbye my friend I won’t ever love again

The system broken, the school’s closed, the prison’s open
We ain’t got nothing to lose mother%%%%%% we rollin’,
Huh? mother%%%%%% we rollin’
With some light skinned girls and some Kelly Rowland’s
In this white man’s world we the ones chosen
So goodnight cruel world I’ll see you in the mornin’,
Huh? I see you in the mornin’
This is way too much, I need a moment.

By: Cedric Hines

The Work Out Plan – Kanye West

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