Afghanistan Doctor Stoned, Tossed From Balcony For Treating Female Patient Without A Chaperone

Sticks And Stones Can Break Your Bones


An Afghanistan physician, Dr. Ajmeer Hashimi, was reportedly captured by a hostile mob, thrown from a balcony and stoned for examining a female patient in a clinic examination room without a chaperone present.

So far, Afghan officials refuse to comment as to whether Dr. Hashimi was killed or severely wounded. Afghanistan officials told the New York Times Dr. Hashimi may have been flown out of the country to India for medical assistance. The female patient, a mid-wife named Mahboba, is said to be in good condition, resting at a women’s shelter. The woman’s location remain confidential due to security concerns.

Angry Mob Attacks Clinic
Angry Mob Attacks Clinic

The vicious assault happened in Sar-i-Pul, a government held town located in the northern region of Afghanistan. Spectators offer conflicting reports of the incident. Supposedly, an angry mob of local villagers assaulted a private clinic after hearing rumors that the healthcare provider was examining a woman alone in a room at the clinic.

Nabila Rahii, a local legal affairs official, said that provincial police responded to escort the patient and doctor from the building but were over-whelmed by the crowd. While trying to protect the patient from injury, Dr. Hashimi was thrown from a second story balcony to the mob below, which proceeded to stone him.

Under Shariah law, stoning is the penalty for adultery although there is no evidence that the patient and doctor relationship was anything but professional

Both Dr. Hashimi and the female victim are married. The woman is the mother of two infant children.

As dictated by historical heritage, women in many parts of Afganistan are not permitted to be examined by male doctors except with a close male member as a chaperone.

The provincial police chief, Abdul Raouf Taj told a Times reporter, ““It’s always hard for working women to stay in touch with male colleagues because most Afghans see them as sexual relations rather than work relations, and it’s all because of old traditions and a low level of education.”

According to officials, Dr. Hashimi was rescued from the mob and taken o the Balkh General Hospital in Mazar-i-Sharif.for treatment. However, hospital personal speaking on the condition of anonymity said police told them Dr. Hashimi was dead.

By: Marlene Affeld

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