Amazon studios-up and coming film and television-makers


storyboard image

For up and coming filmmakers and those still waiting for their big break, Amazon Studios’ storyboard may be something to consider.  Amazon has added a new tool to its “Hollywood” division.  Thousands of scripts have been plugged in to Amazon Studios, but many have not been picked up.  Amazon has launched the storyboard tool that brings life to scripts and make them more presentable and attractive.

Since the launching of Amazon Studios two and half years ago, 14,000 movie scripts and 4,000 serious plot scripts were submitted.  The tool allows for the script to be scanned or imported.  The free online tool will allow film and television-makers to create storyboards for their scripts and identifies scene descriptions and potential cast members from a library of characters, props and backgrounds.

Creating a storyboard can be a tedious and overwhelming project for filmmakers and television-makers but it is an essential part of the process for developing film and television series and movies, one that cannot be taken lightly.

“Storyteller provides a digital backlot, acting troupe, prop department and assistant editor,” said Roy Price, the director of Amazon Studios,

When the storyboard is complete Amazon may publish it and allow other users to comment on the finished product.  Presently, Amazon has 25 movies in the development slate and in the process of being tested by viewers.

Amazon studios is currently looking for unique-new voices, characters and shows with rare qualities that make them hits. Maybe you have the story that fits this criteria.

For those of you with prime time series scripts in adult comedy and series for children from 2-14, you may want to consider trying this new tool too.  According to Amazon Studios website they are not interested in sketches or reality talk show material.

Amazon’s new tool sounds like it will be a great benefit to new film and television-makers.  The storyboard tool gives the creator the opportunity to see their work and may help with developing a better more marketable product.

By Veverly Edwards