Angelina Jolie and Her Priceless Birthday Present

Angelina Jolie's priceless present
The net has been full of what Angelina Jolie has been getting from Brad Pitt for her birthday. Prices range and her most priceless birthday present hasn’t even been mentioned.

It makes us think of those MasterCard commercials. You know the ones we mean? The one where the narrative voice over tells us that:

“Sexy underwear for Angelina? $4634.70.”
“Good health for Angelina’s 38th birthday? Priceless.”

The couple aren’t strapped for cash, even with the cost of raising their six children, the two aren’t going to have to scrimp to leave a tip for the waiter or waitress at the restaurant where they eat out.

The price tag of Jolie’s birthday, when you include: their romantic meal in Paris just the day before her birthday; the family meal on the day of her birthday, the $4634 spent on bras and knickers for Angelina, and what ever else Pitt decides to bestow his lovely, one year older wife, is undoubtably a big one.

But amid all this “conspicuous” spending while Pitt and Angelina are doing the promotional publicity for his film World War Z , is a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the cost of her recent operation to keep the star healthy. And we are not talking about the “monetary cost.”

We are talking about the mental cost of loosing a part of yourself.

An old axiom states that money can’t buy you good health, which sounds suspiciously like the old “money can’t buy you happiness.” But the truth of the matter is, money may indeed not do either of the aforementioned things, but like another old saying says, “it doesn’t hurt.”

Certainly Angelina Jolie has had a lot of money spent on her birthday presents so far, but the most priceless present hasn’t cost a penny. The present of life.

Considering that Jolie just had her double mastectomy recently after she discovered that she had the “defective” gene BRCA1 which shot her chances of getting breast cancer up a whopping 87 percent, they must be celebrating a lot more than her birthday at the minute.

When you add in the information that the 38 year-old actress has lost a lot of close family members to the desease, she and Brad must be celebrating the fact that she has avoided her increased chances of getting the cancer that cost the actress her mother, her grandmother and her aunt.

To the world, Angelina Jolie is the picture of confidence as she has bravely gone to “war” on the gene that could so easily and horribly kill her. But the psychological stress and strain must be incredibly hard on her.

It is a well known fact that mastectomies are soul destroying to women. They have lost a part of what they feel is essential to their womanhood. No one has mentioned this in any of the articles I have read about her recent surgery. Yet, we know that this is a big deal to the woman who has her breasts, or breast, removed.

The very fact that Brad has bought the “sexy” underwear for his partner says more than the price tag can ever convey. He is telling Angelina, and the world, that she is no less a woman for her “loss” and that he still finds her sexy, desirable, and above all else, still a woman.

Pitt has been very vocal with his affirmation of his wonder, appreciation and love of the woman he says is a powerful force who meets problems, “head-on.” But like another old saying, “words are cheap.” A variation to that could be, so are interviews.

He has shown Angelina that doesn’t just admire her, he loves her.

As nice as that all is, the most priceless present that Angelina Jolie has gotten this year for her birthday, it that her health is good and that she can still enjoy her partner Brad and their six kids. While Jolie is reportedly considering having her ovaries removed later in the year, we know that her support network of Pitt will help her to keep positive and still feel like a woman.

By Michael Smith


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