Ashton Kutcher in New Trailer as Steve Jobs (Video)

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in new trailer
The new biopic on Steve Jobs now has a trailer out for your viewing pleasure. The film will star Ashton Kutcher as Jobs in the film titled, appropriately enough, Jobs. We have the new trailer down below for you to watch at your leisure.

Steve Jobs was a modern day icon and he still is after his death. He started Apple Computers at age 21. He was then forced out of his own company at 30 and he was brought back when he was 42. The last fifteen years of his life, he spent revitalizing the corporation he founded and revolutionizing communication worldwide.

To many, it may seem that Steve Jobs’ life might not be eventful enough to pad out a feature-length film. but Funny or Die did a very tongue-in-cheek film about the great man with Justin Long as Jobs and it ran an impressive one hour and 34 minutes, entitled iSteve it proved that even a jovial look at Steve Jobs’ life could take a bit of time.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, as shown by the two-minute trailer below, isn’t playing the role for laughs, he appears to be bringing a measure of pathos to the role of the man who changed the face of computing.

And that works, because Jobs’ life did have a lot of drama in it and it will be interesting to see how the actor more known for his Punk’d TV show and being married, and split from mamma cougar Demi Moore, will fill Steve’s shoes.

Apart from the issue of whether or not the actor really has the talent and focus to bring Steve Jobs to life remains to be seen, but damn! They could not have found an actor anywhere who looks so much like the late Jobs. It is almost eerie how much Kutcher looks like Jobs.

But you can see for yourself as the trailer below highlights the film titled simply Jobs. The trailer shows that Kutcher doesn’t just look like Steve in photos, he looks like him in “moving” pictures as well. In my opinion, he’s doing a great job (excuse the pun) in the trailer as the college dropout who went on to revolutionise the computer; or laptop; or iPad that you might be reading this on or the iPhone in your pocket. In a sort of short montage of Steve Job’s greatest hits and lowest points the trailer gives some great glances of Aston’s overall performance.

The trailer shows how Steve got in on the revolution with his apple co-founder, Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak, played by Josh Gad and it shows his fall from grace and his eventual return to the company as “guru.”

While some folks who have viewed the two-minute trailer have pointed out the “apparent” flaws, such as Apple “firing Steve Jobs” not really happening, but yes, Apples chief executive and board didn’t fire Jobs. He was removed from overseeing any operations and was placed in charge of Apple’s research division. A move that was calculated to drive him from the company and he reacted as they had hoped he would; by leaving Apple.

Sure, co-founder “The Woz” might be a little upset by the films assertion that “one man can start a revolution” when in actuality it took two, but it’s a film “representation” of Jobs’ life and career as one of the most influential men in the 20th century. Poetic license is the order of the day for biopic films.

So take a look at the trailer below and watch the snippets of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the new film Jobs.

By Michael Smith


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