Atlanta: Carjacking at Chevron Gas Station

Atlanta: Carjacking at Chevron Gas Station

On 06-05-13, Zone 2 units responded to the Chevron gas station at 2195 Monroe Dr. on a robbery/carjacking. The victim advised police that a black male wearing a red shirt, black pants, black jacket with white tennis shoes came over to him and asked for 75 cents to buy cigars. The unknown black male asked the victim if he would purchase the cigars for him because he could not purchase them. The victim went inside of the gas station and purchased the cigars.

The victim walked outside to give the suspect the cigars. The victim and the suspect were sitting in the victim’s vehicle. As they were sitting there talking, an unknown white male got out of the suspect’s vehicle and got in the victim’s vehicle. At that point, the black male suspect got out of the victim’s vehicle, walked around to the driver’s side door and brandished a black pistol and ordered the victim out of his vehicle.

The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle was running. The victim got out of the vehicle and the two suspects fled the location in his vehicle. An unknown Toyota Camry followed the vehicle traveling north on Piedmont Circle. The stolen vehicle is a blue Chev Malibu, GA Tag PIH 3802.

Zone 2 Robbery Suspect

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