Bradley Manning Case Bombshell

Army Pfc Bradley Manning's trial finally begins for his alleged role with WikiLeaks that published classified information
Army Pfc Bradley Manning’s trial finally begins for his alleged role with WikiLeaks that published classified information

The long awaited court-martial of Army Private First Class Bradley Manning finally got under way on Monday. Already, the prosecutor in the Bradley Manning case revealed a bombshell.

On February 18th, 2010 WikiLeaks posted the first document provided by Army Private First Class Bradley Manning.  Two months later on May 26th, 2010 Manning was arrested. However, the damage was done as he handed over thousands of classified documents that would eventually make its way to the public.

Everyone would have to wait over three years before Manning’s trial would start. However, the wait was well worth it as the Bradley Manning case revealed a bombshell as the BBC’s Mark Mardell tweeted that the prosecutor in the case stated that Osama Bin Laden asked for and got information that was put out by WikiLeaks.

First, obviously this revelation came from the computers, hard drives and other devices that were confiscated when they carried the operation that killed Bin Laden.

Secondly, this gave terrorist organizations information on how the U.S. military reacted in certain situations and what kind of weaponry and armor that they had. Also, it gave a sense of what was working and what wasn’t as the Iraq Logs were incident reports.

Lastly, some of the incidents were friendly fire or where innocent people were mistaken for enemy combatants. This gave Bin Laden and Al Qaeda new material to recruit people to keep their Jihad going against the U.S. So, instead of making head way with Al Qaeda and their allies the U.S. were essentially right back to square one.

Obviously, the operation that took out Bin Laden swung things back into the U.S. military’s favor as they now had new information on Bin Laden’s organization and what they were up to.

Let’s not forget about North Korea and Iran who we are seemingly on the brink of war with. These two countries now know what our military capability is and how to strike at us with this information where we don’t really know anything about them militarily.

To me the statement the prosecutor made is also revelation into the fact that the media essential aided the enemy by publishing information that was readily available to the public.

The Bradley Manning case bombshell was a bombshell in the fact that the media has gone too far at times. We don’t have the right to any classified information if there is no crime perpetrated by an employee of the U.S. government. The reason being that people have the right to privacy and when that privacy is violated by members of the media it puts people in immediate danger that sometimes results in serious injury or death.

As a trained journalist with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Production I sometime wonder how reporters in the Associated Press and other top news organizations can sleep at night. Here they report on successful operations just simply for the fact that they know people will click on the news just to see that without any thought to what the ramifications are.

Sometimes organizations forget that these stories involve people that have feelings and family that can be hurt

Our job is to keep the people informed. That way they can make informed decision as to which course is the best when it comes time to vote. What our job isn’t is to just grab any old piece of news that will make headlines and what the media did in this case is make information public to the enemies of our country just for some big ground breaking headline that will bring I viewers.

So, yeah the Bradley Manning case was a bombshell. A bombshell that the people that they are working to inform essentially gave information to enemies that can hurt others and even their very own families.

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