Brain Tumors not alone in Treatment Neglect

Frankincense and it’s anti-cancerous benefits has been known for thousands of years, so why is it such a big secret?  Well, for one thing, nobody is going to make any money promoting frankincense for conditions such as brain tumors when other options bring such a profit.  What?!  You mean the American Medical Association would really hold back valuable cancer-fighting information on the account of losing income?  Well, I should say so.  If you aren’t aware of this fact yet, it’s high time to educate yourself.  The AMA, the National Cancer Institute and the Pharmaceutical companies are all a lot more interested in your pocket book than in your health.  Brain cancer is not alone in treatment neglect, nearly every ailment touted as ‘incurable’ as well as those that seem to demand medical intervention, are largely treatable by simpler measures.

Think about it, the drug company is a multibillion dollar a year industry.  The cost for brain surgery to remove a tumor will run you somewhere around $44,000 roughly.  Where as a bottle of frankincense oil, though costly in the world of essential oils, is only about $80-$100 for a good therapeutic-grade oil. Now, you may go through several bottles of oil in order to combat something as serious as a brain tumor, and depending on the placement of the tumor and how fast it is growing, surgery may be your only viable option, but what I am suggesting is there are always other options to be aware of as well.  These ‘alternative’ options are almost never mentioned by your doctor, who would then lose your business to the simpler, less expensive route of healing.

Now, to speak for the doctors for a moment, doctors are not generally bad people.  They have been indoctrinated (hmm, interesting root word?) in the art of medicine.  No matter what the ‘other’ options are, medical doctors are not trained to know about them, understand them or trust them.  They only know what they know.  There are only, at most, 25 hours of required nutrition classes in ALL of medical school training.  What? Medical school is traditionally gonna take you about 10 years.  Out of those 10 years,  basically one day is dedicated to knowledge regarding nutrition?  Wow.  Half of medical student graduates report that their knowledge of nutrition is ‘inadequate.’  To say the least.  Why is this?  Apparently there are so many other things to discuss and memorize in medical school regarding the ‘treatment’ of disease, protocol and medicine that courses on nutrition are simply pushed out.  Considering that according to most natural medicine practitioners, nearly 100% of all ailments diagnosed today can be treated naturally, through diet change and nutrition – it is an unfortunate situation that our medical world does not take time to look in this direction.

I know, the news is flooded with the latest ‘advancements’ in medical technology – but are these so called advancements really ‘the next best thing?’  What if the ‘next best thing’ already exists and is provided to us by nature for next to no cost?  Wouldn’t you want to know?

Many people that might receive a diagnosis for brain or any other cancer might not want to look farther than their medical doctor for fear that they themselves would be neglecting proper treatment, they are not alone.  The National Cancer Institute estimates that over 1.6 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone.  That is a huge number.

One amazing fact about frankincense in the face of cancer treatment is that frankincense knows how to isolate cancer cells from  healthy cells and tell which ones are corrupt.  Rather than killing all the surrounding cells, like what happens in chemotherapy, frankincense goes to the nucleus of the cancer cell and ‘re-sets’ the DNA codes, leaving the healthy cells alone.

Frankincense is not the only natural remedy that has been found helpful against brain cancer, turmeric – the common kitchen spice – has also been found effective.  What is amazing about these simple remedies is that individuals can feel empowered about taking steps to heal themselves.

As with all natural treatments, it is essential that the whole person be taken into account.  Diet, mental attitude and emotional state are all contributing factors to the health of an individual, especially someone with cancer.  It is important that one’s whole being become dedicated to the healing of their illness, regarding the experience as an opportunity for not only healing the mutant cells, but for whole-body healing to occur.  Cancer does not just occur in one area of the body, though it may show up that way.  Cancer is a condition cultivated by a system that would allow it.  This system has become a toxic environment wherein unhealthy cells thrive.  They may start out in an area of the body most closely related to the emotion that needs addressing, but in truth- the entire system needs an over-haul.

Brain cancer is not alone in treatment neglect in this country.  Nearly every dis-ease has an answer just waiting to be re-discovered or uncovered by those willing to look.  It is important to remember to maintain responsibility for your own health and not turn over your body to the discretion of someone else simply because they have a degree.  There are a multitude of treatments from fasting and juicing to raw foods and herbal miracles which can turn serious conditions around.  Before you engage in any practice for yourself, tune into your intuition, do the research, and take the path that feels most aligned with you.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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