Bullied Paris Jackson attempted suicide

Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, Prince 'Blanket' Jackson

Paris Jackson attempted suicide being repeatedly bullied at school. The hopeless, bullied teen tried to find peace forever away from pokes, pinches or other modes of bullying. And with her, the ‘bullying’ issue in schools again surfaced. The root of the problem is so strong that it’s hard to oust it out. After yesterday’s failed suicide attempt, she was taken to hospital promptly. But according to family sources she is now “Safe and doing fine”.

Paris Jackson, 15, however left a suicide note and even called a ‘suicide hotline’; the ‘bullied” issue gets attached soon with the suicide note. People started saying, ‘Bullied Paris Jackson attempted suicide’. It’s confirmed that she has cut wrists with kitchen knife and took at least 20 ibuprofen tablets. Another source says, a number of Motrin pills were also taken by the teenager. The teen, slated to work on a film, turned no stones unturned to kill herself. Her brother Prince, 16, canceled appearance on German television to be with his sister. But there are thought differences whether she was depressed on bullied constantly in school. But, for sure, she wanted to make this attempt successful. However, Jackson family seeks some privacy amid the sorrows and confusions.

But, this was not the first attempt for Paris; she had tried to suicide earlier; but that attempt was not strong enough and she was saved quickly. But then, matters worsen. Jackson kids never got professional help after the death of Michael and his life style did an impact upon them. There were signs of problems that she is not mentally okay, however she was physically sound. Recently she has uploaded a video of her doing make up or making goofy faces. Sources yet to find out about matters of her school, if she was really bullied or not. Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt is not surprising as we’ve seen many budding stars to walk on this muddy road. Only the reason changes, but situation remains the same.

A number of students are being bullied everyday in schools. But the bullied ones are still not ready to combat the problem; they bear it in most cases. Gay kids are soft targets as others find it exciting to chant, ‘Faggot’. When a situation goes extreme, it makes news or people get to know about it. Otherwise we just keep calm, indifferent, as long as our own kids are okay. An incident of bullied Paris Jackson compels us to contemplate on this “bullying” issue. Her suicide attempt may not be successful, but teens do commit suicide every other day to get saved from being bullied. We must join hands to combat this social problem.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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