Channing Tatum Reveals Baby secrets


Channing Tatum is now proud dad of little girl, Everly, and finally daddy reveals the secrets about his baby bonanza. Although Tatum is busy with the Premiere of his upcoming film “White House down”, he’s found enough time to share a crispy secret about his new born daughter. Channing Tatum, one of the sexiest men alive, revealed that he was to be a father of a daughter in his movie ‘White House down’ and that she was “conceived” during the shooting of the film.

Channing is apparently the first actor in recent times who revealed such a secret regarding his own life. Playing an on screen daddy urged him to bear it off screen too. The eager husband of “The Vow” seems really serious about family matters.

Channing Tatum, now happily married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, sounds really proud about having the “cutest little girl in the world”. He said he even missed the little one while promoting his new film. The first thing he did was to share his daughter’s photo on personal Facebook account and now  he reveals it all. In his words, “I didn’t see her for 12 to 13 hours and she’s changed. When I saw her face looks different”.

“You feel like every minute that you miss is horrible”, said Tatum who has just experienced the brood while promoting “White House down” in Washington DC.

As for his partner-in-crime, he says Dewan-Tatum is getting used to being a mom. Jenna is having some daughter-mommy time with Everly now.

“She’s good, she’s really good. Tired, you know … just taking care of the baby on those first months. First months are hard,” the actor explained.

“The mom does so much of the early work, those first few weeks and I’m just like, ‘Put me in the game.  Put me in the game”, he said.  “I’ve gotten so good at like changing diapers, swaddling and then get it back before she cries.”

But lucky for the Tatums, Everly is a wonderful baby, who has already captivated her parent’s hearts. And surely the film cast a massive role on Tatum’s life as Channing became dad on and off the screen. Maybe, it made him enthusiastic to reveal ‘baby’ secrets.

Tatum’s role in “White House Down” as an aspiring Secret Service agent with a young daughter, played by Joey King, put him on an unexpected parallel track with his real-life and family life.

“We actually found out at the end of this movie that she was pregnant,” Tatum said on “GMA.”  “So it was kind of odd that I did my first movie that I have a daughter in and we were having a daughter.”

Channing Tatum is maturing from a lover boy of “Step Up” to a careful husband in the “The Vow”, to another role in”White House down”. He is even getting parental advice from co-stars. But name or fame, nothing has changed the real Tatum. How gladly he revealed, he “conceived” during the shooting! It needs guts to reveal such intimate secrets. His wife may threaten him now for getting too personal with the media.  And now, he showss his daughter’s photographs to avoid paparazzi risks. Finally, a baby secret is revealed and Tatum himself did it.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul


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