Channing Tatum Will Not Do a Kim Kardashian

Channing Tatum Will Not Do a Kim Kardashian
According to Channing Tatum, he will not do a “Kim Kardashian” and invite photographers into their newborn’s life and plaster pictures of their daughter in every magazine in the world.

It’s been widely agreed that Kim Kardashian is waiting for that big well paying magazine offer to make it worth her and Kanye’s while to splash baby North all over some glossy pages of celebrity focussed publication, Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum have been happy to post their own photos up online.

Channing said that he’s not knocking anyone else for grabbing the money offered for a professional photo spread in People or some other magazine, it just wasn’t what they wanted to do.

The White House Down star said, “I don’t judge anyone that (sells baby photos). We just didn’t want to. Part of me wants to take a thousand pictures and hold them up for the world to see, but I don’t want her to have to deal with that.”

So instead the 33 year-old actor posted a photo of their daughter, Everly, online available to everyone who wanted to see her for free.

Not that the idea of doing a “Kim Kardashian” didn’t occur to Channing Tatum, who still won’t be going that route. He said, “We were thinking about doing that whole thing and giving it to charity. I would have been happy not putting out a picture at all but paparazzi were everywhere.”

“I had to smuggle myself out of the studio every day. We decided to do it on Father’s Day and put it out ourselves. That’s it. Here’s the first one and now, we’re going to live our lives,” he added.

Tatum is more concerned about his job as a new father, although he seems to feel pretty confident about it. He said, “I think it’s all Jenna right now. I feel like I have very little to do at the moment.”

It appears that one reason that Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna didn’t put Everly on the cover of a magazine it that the actor wants his daughter to have a normal life growing up.

Talking to CNN, Tatum said, “I want her to have some sort of a grounded, beautiful life. I hope she doesn’t get into this whole – I mean look at all of this, this isn’t normal.”

But the star of White House Down said that if she decided to go “into the business” he wouldn’t stand in her way. He said, “She’s going to do whatever she’s going to do. You know, I did so opposite of things than my parents that it’s crazy, really crazy. She’s going to grow up to be whatever she wants to be. I don’t want to have any sway, [or try] to have this pre-planned life for her.”

But to begin with, Tatum wants his daughter to have the freedom to do what she wants without the pressure of the paparazzi and recognition that comes with having a celebrity for a parent. He explained, “We didn’t want to go through a tabloid – we just wanted to let it out so paparazzi would stop trying to hound us. You know, ‘Here it is, that’s it. Now, let us be.'”

Tatum has been doing the “run up” publicity to his newest film White House Down along with co-star Jamie Foxx. Apart from talking up the film, he also has been talking about fatherhood, his new daughter and the fact that he and the Mrs. will not be doing a Kim Kardashian. Tatum’s film will open in theatres June 28 this year.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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