Christians in Syria Will Be Slaughtered with US Weapons

Syrian Christians

Syrian Christians

The Obama administration, along with other Western governments and supported by Ill-informed politicians like Republican-going-on-Democrat Senator John McCain, are ignoring the increasingly extremist tendencies of the opposition in Syria. What has already begun will escalate to horrific proportions, should the rebels prevail: Christians in Syria will be slaughtered with US weapons.

President Obama describes himself as a Christian, despite his Muslim upbringing. Not once, however, has he expressed the slightest disapproval of the war being waged against Christianity, here in the United States. Although America was founded upon the concept of religious freedom, the Progressive Left – along with so-called “Atheists” (a nonsensical term, since only an omnipotent deity could be certain that omnipotent deities do not exist) – have displayed remarkable intolerance towards all things Christian. It is worthy of note that, for a group of people who are so offended by religious practices, they never seem to complain about the practice of any other religions. The President seems to have no issue with the attempt to stamp out Christianity in the US.

Having decided to provide direct aid to the Syrian rebels – on the basis of dubious claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against them – Obama has chosen sides in a religious war. More accurately; he has chosen sides in two religious wars. firstly, he has determined to side with Sunni Muslims, against Shia Muslims. Both factions are a threat to the United States, but the majority Sunnis – who make up al-Qaeda, among other terrorist groups – have proven themselves a far greater danger. In addition, the President has chosen to side with Muslim, against Christian.

Not reported in the western media was the alleged massacre, in May, of an entire village in Syria, near the Lebanese border. Up to 40 Syrian Christians were alleged to have been arbitrarily executed. Reports from Iran, Syria and the United Nations vary wildly in their accounts of this massacre. Whilst it is generally accepted that this horrific slaughter was perpetrated by a pro-government militia, several local sources have claimed that a large rebel force – possibly around 700 strong – attacked Syrian army checkpoints near the village, before going door to door and executing the inhabitants of the village of al-Duvair, also referred to as Dweir. Further muddying the reports of this massacre is the fact that the United Nations (UN) report of the incident cites the village of Houla as the site of the massacre. Other accounts, however, recount the massacre taking place in the village al-Duvair, which is close to Homs and a considerable distance from Houla.

Research into the conflicting accounts produces a confusing picture; were there two separate incidents? Could each side be guilty of perpetrating the massacre and then blaming the other? The accounts of the massacre of Christians contain elements of truth, at the least; the village in question is described as being close to the city of Homs and the Lebanese border, and having a Christian population. There is, indeed, a small town close to Homs, which is called al-Qusayr – a majority Sunni town with a sizable Christian minority. Reports of the dates of this alleged massacre also vary.

Whatever the truth behind the alleged incident, there can be no doubt that the Christian population of Syria – around 10 percent – is in great danger, should the rebels finally gain control of the country. Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad largely left Syrian Christians unmolested, but, should the opposition defeat him, it is highly likely that the Christians in Syria will be slaughtered with the weapons that the US plans to send to the Islamist rebels. Since it appears that the Christians have not, as a group, taken sides in the conflict, there is no reason to believe that Assad would punish them, should he remain in power and defeat the insurgency.

Attacks by Islamist groups against Christians are almost commonplace, however, in other Muslim countries. Such attacks have been reported in more than 10 countries. There have been at least 45 reported attacks on Christians in Egypt, since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. There is no reason to believe that the Islamists in Syria will simply leave the Christians in peace.

If and when such massacres happen, and assuming they are even reported on by the mainstream US media, where will that leave those who touted our support for the rebels in Syria? If the Christians in Syria are slaughtered with US weapons, it will further alienate the Christian community, in the United States, from the Obama administration. Such an eventuality could doom the chances of any Democrat winning the White House in 2016.

Graham J Noble

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