Clark Aposhian Gun lobbyist threatened his ex-wife and her new husband

Utah’s main gun lobbyist for the NRA could have become a statistic

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Gun lobbyist Aposhian Could Have Become a Statistic

Utah’s chief gun rights activist and chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, Clark Aposhian, lost his temper, threatening his ex-wife and her new husband.  Utah’s main gun lobbyist for the NRA could have become a statistic.

It is a fact that more innocent people are murdered by gun use than criminals, and a high percentage of those are ex-wives or ex-girlfriends.

Aposhian obviously surrounds himself with objects that make him secure about his manhood.  On Memorial Day, he drove his 10 wheel, two-ton army truck into his ex-wife’s neighborhood, in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.  Witnesses say he blasted an air horn, and backed up into his ex’s driveway, nearly colliding with another vehicle.  Police reported that Aposhian told Ronald Meyer, his ex-wife’s husband, that he would “run over their cars and bury” him.

Police arrested him and took away his handgun.

Of course Aposhian has denied doing anything illegal.  His attorney, Mitch Vilos, claims that taking his gun away before being convicted of a crime violated his second amendment rights.  (What the f**k!)  I think Mr. Vilos needs to go back to law school.  Aposhian was obviously a threat to society, and police had a responsibility to protect other citizens from possible harm.  He had surrendered his second amendment rights.

The following Tuesday, Aposhian appeared in Holladay Justice Court.  He appeared sans attorney, and said he understood the charges.  He pled not guilty, and signed a mandated protective order.

There was also another case filed against Aposhian for traffic violations.  He agreed to pay them, only to return a short time later and change his plea to not guilty.

Tuesday, a justice court order Aposhian to surrender all firearms in his home, office and on his person in relation the domestic violence charges which he is facing.  “I’m going to prohibit you at this point as part of the protective order from having any firearms,” Judge Augustus Chin said in a brief arraignment and hearing. “If there are any weapons in your home, I’m giving you 24 hours to remove them, that’s in effect immediately.”

Aposhian has pled not guilty to charges of domestic violence in the presence of a child, and three other class B misdemeanors including trespassing, criminal mischief, and threats of violence.

Aposhian can be considered an ‘opportunist’, or maybe just a man who profits from the miseries of others.  He has great influence with the state legislature as a gun lobbyist, and makes his income by training those who wish to secure concealed weapons permits.  He used the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy as a publicity and advertising stunt, offering free lessons in the handling and use of firearms to all educators.

Both matters will be in pretrial on June 26th.  Aposhian declined to respond to questions from reporters.

The protective order also prohibits him from calling, emailing or visiting his ex-wife at her home or workplace, bars him from committing any act of domestic violence or harassment and forbids him from using drugs or alcohol before visiting with his child.  Any violation will result in an additional charge ranging up to a third degree felony.

His violent actions and threats on Memorial Day could have resulted in his being a statistic related to domestic violence.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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